Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Pierre Visits Site Of Rose Hill Fire, Laments Removal Of Distress Fund

Opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre has lamented the removal of the Distress Support Fund, following a visit to the site of the recent Rose Hill fire, a release from the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Thursday said.

The SLP Political Leader and Leader of the Opposition paid a visit to the site of the fire on the same day, to view first-hand the damage suffered by the unfortunate residents of Rose Hill at a time of year when most people should be celebrating the start of a new year and looking forward with optimism to fulfilling some of their hopes and aspirations in the coming months, according to the release.

Pierre expressed  his sadness that the Distress Support Fund which had been established by the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, was eliminated by the Allen Chastanet Administration with no regard for the critical role that such a fund was intended to play during such events, it said.

“The day that the Labour Party returns to office the Distress Support Fund which was in the region of $500,000 yearly for the purpose of helping fire victims, will be reinstituted and the annual allocation increased,” Pierre was quoted as saying.

“We have a responsibility to provide relief to the less fortunate people among us who do not have the means to provide property insurance to protect themselves from such disasters,” he stated.

According to Thursday’s release, the Saint Lucia Labour Party expresses its deepest sympathy with families affected by the devastating fire which ravaged several homes in Rose Hill, Castries, in the early hours of New Year’s Day, 1st. January 2019.





  1. I would like the current administration to justify the closing down of this fund. Anything to help the poor to ease their misery I most certainly support. There will always be poor people among us and we have to try and help not quash their hopes.

    • $500,000.00? Instead holding this money in the fund, why didn’t they fix the road, put some fire hydrants instead of allowing these house to burn then claim to help them for a vote. All these labour party do is about taking people’s independence. That money could have been used to better the lives of these individuals. To help prevent a fire or secure their homes. Would you rebuild their homes for them in this same environment? Small road, no water hydrants and wait for another fire? Backwardness with these labour

      • Truth (sounds more like Stupidity) Being Told, there is a world of difference between social intervention and infrastructural implementation. Having roads and hydrants will not prevent a fire or other disaster from happening. So yes put these things in place but don’t be so unconscionable that you discontinue a Distress Fund that was so important in helping the poor.

  2. I feel ashamed for the goverment of St Lucia, they do nothing for the people except fill their own pockets, if they had any thoughts of compassion for the people of this beautiful island they would do the right thing. To many times we hear negative comments about the goverment, its about time they started putting the people first, where is the value of life for the people of the Caribbean gone.

  3. Nothing mutch we can ever do about narrow roads,that is what we inherited from colonial days,and our Ministry of planning never went out to control what our people built and were,now to fix this mess,the cost of taking people to court,for a couple of feet,or buy off their homes,to widen a road,no goverment will be able to do it.Look at our four lane high way,look at what happened when it reached Sandals gate and entrance.Ever seen Sandals bending our laws,and goverments? Call that presure ?Fire hidrants,whats the use if there is no presure in the mains.We have to install water tanks on the top of a hill,to be able to create presure.Meanwile our politicians will beat their chests,talk cheap talk,say any nonsence to justify,their lack of intrest in the people of the country

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