Pierre Warns That A Divided Americas Cannot Prosper

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, warning that a divided Americas cannot prosper, has urged the revocation of the United States economic embargo against Cuba and the removal of Washington’s economic sanctions against Venezuela.

Pierre spoke at the just-ended Summit of the Americas in the United States.

He said Saint Lucia welcomes President Joe Biden’s announcement of the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity which aims for a new model of cooperation between the United States and the other countries of the Americas in the face of the crises of our times.

“As I applaud and welcome the boldness of President Biden’s Americas Partnership, I say to our esteemed Host and Chair, President Biden, take another bold step for our nations,” Pierre urged.

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“Put an end to the economic hardship in this hemisphere by leading your country to revoke the 60-year-old economic embargo against Cuba and remove the economic sanctions on Venezuela,” he declared.

Pierre asserted that it’s the people who are suffering.

“These times demand more than ever that we reflect on the futility of division in our hemisphere,” he advised.

And he urged the region to do all within its power to ensure this ends now.

In this regard, he explained that it was disappointing that some countries of the hemisphere- namely Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua- were not invited to the Summit and that debates over inclusion and exclusion had marred the Summit.

Pierre observed that there is always more to gain in cohesion and engagement than fragmentation and confrontation.

“At this time, we must never forget the situation in Haiti which is causing untold hardship among the people. Our generation must not miss the opportunity to create true solidarity among the nations of the Americas,” he stated.

In addition, he told the Summit that Saint Lucia has a deep and sincere desire to see the realisation of true unity among the peoples of the Americas.

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  1. Go pm go they want u to fail just do your job to the best of your abilities st lucia is more stable now than ever we just need to work on the crime the police commissioner failing to address kick him out

  2. The Offer of Life or Death
    Prosperity Part 1
    It is written :
    Now what I am commanding you today is too dificult for you or beyond your reach. It is not up in heaven,so that you have to ask,
    “Who will ascend into heaven to get it and proclaim it to us so we may obey it ?” Nor is it beyond the sea,so that you/we may have ask,
    “Who will cross the sea to get it and proclaim it to us so that we may obey it ?” No the (Word)is very near you/me and us ; it is in our mouth and in our 🖤 heart so we may obey it.

    Prosperity Part 2
    After the fall of man deprived from the garden of EDEN.
    See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.
    For I (God)command you today to ❤️ love the Lord your God,to walk in his ways, to keep his commands,decrees and laws;then you will live and increase,and the Lord your God will BLESS YOU in the land…..

  3. I think there is a time for everything u all putting your own country down for politics and party am not a fan of the next pm cause he was not doing a good enough job u all have to accept u all lost let the man get on with his job grate speech so did the Barbados pm u all made me proud u need more of this mabe the crime would be better back home if u all would be positive for once

  4. Pierre has no moral authority to speak about division when some members of his cabal are the most divisive persons in St. Lucia. They breathe and spread division and hatred everyday of their lives and he fans the flames.

    How can St. Lucians heal or grow to achieve their Gods given potential when the political hatred and acrimony of these dishonorable politicians in Cabinet is so palpable.? Some even boast about victim using supporters of the Opposition.

    Clean your house before you castigate others about theirs. Practise unity at home before preaching it abroad.

  5. @james, you and a lot of you people in saint lucia love to criticize and bring people down. Thing is put you all on that stage there to address these nations: You all will get tongue tied, tongue twisted, stage fright…It will be a disater, you all can’t do no better.

    The election is over, your party lost move on and support the Prime Minister. He is representing your country abroad….But no…you all have to keep going on and on with some foolish criticism about divide saint lucia….What is this stupid talk?

    Stephenson King break from his party he ran as an independant, same with Richard Fredrick .. they won, PJP gave them a ministry …. What’s the problem?

    What you all fail to realize is UWP lost in a landslide election!! That means the people were not happy with the representation so they vote them out. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES…It’s just that simple. Why you mad at PJP? It’s the people’s choice.

  6. Tim shut the hell up who jealous of pjp I don’t care about politics..You all are so political blind do you remember is pjp and gang..especially Richard Fredrick that taught st Lucian’s how to hate..I’m wondering what pjp is doing in the white man country..Do you forget that slogan we don’t want white people hypocrite St. Lucia can’t never go forward

  7. PJP, you’ve displayed your political naivete by appealing to the non-existent conscience of psychopathic killers, who’ve rampaged, unchallenged, through defenseless, peace-loving populations of the world, for all but 17 years of the 246 year-long existence of the US!

    But I may be wrong! Mother Russia has taken up the challenge, and starting with Syria, has revealed to the world that the putative emperor of the empire of lies, is naked and has been so for 246 years!

  8. Coming from the same man who move tooth and nail to divide St Lucia and achieved this division. I do not think you will be taken seriously PJP since other heads have seen what you did to win that election and continually to do in your own island.

    • Yes uh. Hypocrite he is. He was the lead in the division in St Lucia and he has the audacity to tell Biden about deviciveness. Choops tun

  9. Wow that’s how you represent your country on the international stage. A most assured presentation,he covered the relevant bases in particular the region s citizens wsre not the cause of these global issues.
    With the same presence I look forward to the PMs address to heads of the Commonwealth, where I hope he will address St.Lucias role in the Commonwealth,the Privvy Council and the repreation issue.

      • All you foolish Saint Lucians coming on the forum to do as always hate on PJP. Shut up!!

        Everything the man say was positive. You all just jealous of PJP and his accomplishments. You all criticism of the man is weak.

        How did he divide Saint Lucia? The people voted overwhelmingly in an election but you fools continue to cry.

        Same people that was saying PJP will never be prime minister, and talking about the man can’t speak just cause he stutters.

        He prove you all wrong !! Nothing you can do about it haters!!

        If that was a UWP that gave the same speech I’d support them same way… I ain’t a hater !!

      • @Tim you clearly don’t see the con artist party that is the SLP government. It is designed to keep us poor and uninformed while their fff gets the best positions and benefits. So he can give his hypocrite speech, then treat us as malaways.

  10. Who the hell write this speech for you? You and your bunch with Richard Frederick divided St.Lucia and you now want to say America is divided? They are prospering and we depend on them…they all must be laughing at you with those criminals among you who cannot get a visa.

    Take a page from Mia Morley


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