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Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm

Pierre’s Honesty, Integrity Lauded At Brooklyn Town Hall Meeting

Former employee of the then Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Marcia Clarke, asserting that Allen Chastanet was a failure as Tourism Minister and declaring that opposition leader Philip J. Pierre was the best thing that ever happened to the industry, on Sunday paid tribute to Pierre’s honesty and integrity.

Clarke was among persons in attendance at a Town Hall meeting in Brooklyn, New York at which Pierre was present.

She recalled that as Minister of Tourism, Pierre was honest.

Marcia Clarke addressing Town Hall meeting

She recalled that as minister, when he travelled he would ensure he paid back the then Saint Lucia Tourist Board whatever he owed.

“ I can put my neck on a block and tell them that when it comes to integrity and ethics you are high on the pedestal,” Clarke declared to applause from those in attendance.

On the other hand, she described Allen Chastanet as a failure when he served as Minister of Tourism.

“We voted Allen as our Prime Minister when we know very well that as a Minister of Tourism he failed miserably. I worked with him under the tourist board – he failed miserably. There was boxing in paradise – failure; there was health and wellness – failure; there was food and rum – failure. It was one failure after another,” the former tourism industry employee asserted.

Clarke expressed the view that Saint Lucians need to be politically educated.

She was of the opinion that it is one of the biggest issues facing the electorate.

“When a man stands on a podium and he says to our Saint Lucian people ‘I am going to go to the President of the United States and he’s going to remove visas so that we can go to the United States and don’t need visas’ and you hear ‘yaaaayyyy’ ; they clap; there is something fundamentally wrong with our people,” Clarke stated.

“When you say to me that there will be ‘ching ching’ in our pockets and our young people fall for that ,it tells me that we are not politically educated,” she told the Brooklyn Town Hall meeting.

According to Clarke, during the last election supporters of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) got caught up in the fray and voted against the party because of all the ‘nonsensical promises ’ made by the United Workers Party (UWP).

She said irrespective of all the nonsense that is going on now in Saint Lucia, there are still people who believe everything that is being said.

She described the situation as frightening.

“ We need to educate our populace because we will run  into some serious problems if this continues,” Clarke warned.





  1. Pierre you are the one…the chosen one. Now, put together your winning team. One thing though…let Pharoah go…find a new star for the east. Dennery Siuth deserves better

  2. It that the same tourism officer that Mr. Pierre gave an award that she was not deserving of. If my memory serves me well, Kenny Anthony fired Pierre as Tourism Minister and replaced him with Mellisa Rhambally, for giving the former tourism officer an award in bad faith.

  3. Somebody on the inside is telling it how it was then at tourist board. We need to be educated politically because elections after elections we are deceived by these foolish politicians

  4. St Lucians need to be politically educated and also know our worth . We should tell ourselves that we are not worth $50 in a t shirt or 2 sheets of plywood. We need movers and shakers, on the ground, who are able to lead by example in order to reach each and every single voters. Youth leaders should exemplify what young people should aspire to be and not be seen as hypocritical in preaching one thing and practicing something else. They should also not be token placements or rewarded because they in turn rewarded their district reps. Respect breeds trust

      • I hope you not a St. Lucian because if you are, by your statement, you are a moron. I hope that help you recognize yourself. You moron

  5. How is he a failure if we’ve consistently had record numbers of tourist arrivals??? His job is literally to get more people to the island and he’s done that. Our job is to make them have a good time and want to spend money

  6. St lucian need to wake up to prime Minister crap, this man is unfit and the most lying pm I ever seen. I am concern about my country, not party. I am calling on st lucian to wake up and vote uwp out. St lucia think of our children and their future.the uwp has fail st. Lucian miserable.

  7. Hello st Luciano wake up ,they labour party wants to be back in power people have short memories. They are quite different when it comes to the Labour party they were not better they were worse. Kenny Anthony were there for two terms they did alot of unethical things,he was the representative for Vieux_Fort I was in st. Lucia I went to vieux-fort three times he did nothing for the south,but the people are loyal because he was a teacher at the Vieux-Fort secondary school.people have a very short memory. They are going to the U S and not telling people the truth ,there are two sides to a story.Ask Kenny when he was going up for elections the prime minister father money to run .Now they are lying telling people that the money that was there to build St.Judes hospital the prime minister gave his father all the $100.00 million dollars or more collected from St Lucians gave to rebuild the hospital,when the U W P came in power there was no money Kenny Anthony cannot give an Account of where the money is .But the thing that puzzles me is if the prime -minister took that money don’t u think that he would be brought to the tribunal in Trinidad.St Lucians wake up educate yourselves.

  8. Would have loved to attended…however forgot about the date. All we typically hear from SLP is the priorities of this current administration. All must understand that Governments implement projects on their time and terms. Yes, the race track took priority because it was an easier project to complete and implement without much deficit to the Government. Now a new wing is being build for St. Judges hospital to say the least. For the next 2 years more projects will be initiated and completed Island wide. Lets not lost tract and confidence in our current administration. May all remember why SLP lost the majority. SLP was in office the previous 10 YEARS and did little to nothing. Dr. Kenny still runs SLP, simply a change in regards to the face of SLP leadership. Mr. Pirreie is not ready for the international stage to say the least. It is very obvious that Mr. Pierre lacks the vigor to be followed and lead. What we St. Lucians here and abroad would like to hear is what projects SLP is proposing for change. They can beat a dead dog all day…only for SLP to awaken and give new life with every project completed by UWP. Projects are being completed and thats what we the people desire. It may not fall into once personal time frame, however best believe this Adminstration is working and have done more in 3 years than Kenny SLP team in 10 years.

    • 100% unbiased truth. But take care you get crucified for the truth. St Lucia have way more party supporters than realistic unbias people. They refuse to give jack his jacket.

  9. Honesty and integrity lauded? Seriously? Where was all this honesty and integrity from Pierre when he stood idly by and allowed his colleague and PM, Hon. Kenny Anthony, to do as he pleased, no questions asked? Where were all these noble traits when he willfully turned a blind eye to the US 41 million dollar Rochamel and Frenwell fiasco, or the secret sale of our seabed exploration rights to Grynberg? I hope that the honest and honorable man deep within Pierre will surface and act accordingly all the time, and not only when the balance of power shifts. Let’s not fool ourselves here….it’s politics, and politicians worldwide aren’t exactly the torchbearers of morality!

    • There, there, there, there, the lone wolf that continues to cry over our BARRON SEA BED the Poor Jab. I assured you DYSFUNCTIONAL BAD MIND, your HERN will be pleasantly toss [SOON] to the bottom of our BARRON SEA BED where you will be interned until Grynberg returns to extract you. His ” HONESTY and INTEGRITY ” have you; No Miami Press, No G. U Y. in his shadow cabinet, those who knows the man and his mission has nothing to bad to say but to LAUD HIM, Oh if they were all like this; but for those who frowned upon his HONESTY and INTEGRITY all we can say to them is, teeeef don’t like to see people with iron bag.

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