Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pilgrim Endorses Stephenson King

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Michael Pilgrim, has come out in support of Castries North MP, Stephenson King, who recently announced that he will be taking part in the July 26 elections as an independent candidate.

Pilgrim described King as astute, experienced, hardworking and committed and an individual who has a social conscience and is a true patriot.

However he admitted that he had been critical of King when the Castries North MP served as prime minister because of King’s ‘immense tolerance’ of the behaviour of some cabinet ministers.

Pilgrim said at the time he advised King to relieve the ministers of their portfolios.

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“My criticism of King then was for his benefit and that of the country,” he explained, adding that eventually, King was undermined and betrayed by his own colleagues which cost him the loss of the government and the leadership of the United Workers Party.

Nevertheless, Pilgrim said King continued to show commitment and loyalty to the party, although not given the respect he deserved.

“I just do not understand how Stephenson King could live through those last five years suffering pain, humiliation and disrespect that was meted out to him by the leader of the government,” he stated.

Nevertheless, Pilgrim said he admired King for his patience and calm despite the mental and psychological ‘torture’ he endured.

He said he is fully behind the Castries North MP and will defend any decision he has taken as they are selfless and in Saint Lucia’s best interests.

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