Pilot Dies in Dominica Plane Crash

ROSEAU, Dominica (CMC) – The body of the pilot of a plane that crashed in a wooded area, 4.5 miles west of the Douglas-Charles Airport on Thursday, has been recovered, the chief executive officer of the Dominica Air and Seaport Authority Benoit Bardouille has said.

“We got the assistance of the French with a helicopter and along with the police and the rescue team… and they have actually retrieved the pilot from the aircraft. Unfortunately he did not make it,” Bardouille said.

The name or nationality of the pilot has not been disclosed.

He was the lone occupant of the plane that was on a flight between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe when it disappeared six miles off the airport early Thursday morning.

The plane was found in the Syndicated area, nestled on the foothills of Dominica’s tallest mountain, Morne Diablotin.

“I dare say the… incident has been reported to the ECCAA (Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority) and the subsequent investigation into that incident will follow,” Bardouille said.

Last week, a Sky High Aviation Services Jetstream 41 aircraft crash-landed at the Douglas-Charles Airport. The Dominican Republic-based aircraft had 32 people on board, including three crew members. There were no fatalities.


  1. The picture sells the reality off. Atleast indicate that it is not the actual pic of the crash, cause I read wooded area and top of mountain. This is not the location of the incident

  2. Is the photo above of the crashed plane? The reason I asked is I’m seeing roads and in the story they said the plane crashed in a wooded area and they needed a helicopter to get to the pilot.

  3. The black box will determine what was last said and how it was said .if he was the soly acupance in the aircraft he must have said something is going wrong with the aircraft and report to anyone who could hear him . My condolences to his family. Sorry he went like that.

  4. Maybe that’s the photo of the aircraft before it was crashed cause there’s no way a crashed aircraft could be so intact so don’t speculate on the aircraft and the crash site. Photos maybe shown later.

    • Bro shut up and stop trying to play smart. The black box only records flight data. The CVR or cockpit voice recorder is what is actually responsible for audio recordings. Please restrain from commenting bullocks if you’re uneducated.

  5. That is the canefield airport.SO WRONG PICTURE! the plane was actual in pieces in the syndicate forest

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