Friday, February 21, 2020

Plane Carrying Saint Lucia PM Involved In ‘Near Miss’

An aircraft with the Prime Minister’s of Saint Lucia and the Bahamas as well as other officials on board was involved in a ‘near miss’ in Bahamas air space, local reports say.

The plane had to make a sudden drop in altitude to avoid a mid-air collision, according to The Bahamas publication, The Tribune.

The Tribune said the Bahamasair aircraft was headed to Abaco on Friday to assess hurricane recovery and relief efforts on that island.

It reported that  Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis of the Bahamas was accompanied by CARICOM chairman and Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet; Turks and Caicos Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson; CARICOM secretary general Ambassador Irwin LaRoque; CDEMA (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency) executive director Ronald Jackson and other officials.

“The pilot explained the drop in altitude over the aircraft’s intercom was due to the Bahamasair aircraft having to avoid another aircraft that refused to respond,” the publication stated.

The Bahamas was devastated by the passage of Hurricane Dorian resulting in the death of at least 45 people.

The  Miami Herald Newspaper reported Monday that Health Minister Duane Sands has denied allegations that the government was covering up the true number of victims.

Sands was quoted as saying that the priority was not to count the dead but to search for the missing and provide assistance to those in need.

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was among several Caribbean leaders who visited the hurricane-ravaged country last week to get a first-hand look at the devastation and assess relief needs.


  1. God is in charge: St. Lucia and other small Islands were spared
    and now the P.M. was in a close miss. The Lord we all trust is merciful.
    We must not let our guard down, we must never forget to pray and give
    thanks for today’s blessings and for that which is to come, since the Season
    is not over, take nothing for granted. Stop exhibiting ignorance and sinfulness
    God sees everything,be it hidden from our eyes;it’s our home and country so we pray.

    • If God is in charge and he spared St. Lucia, what did the Bahamas do that caused not to spare them???

    • @#The Fox:

      DISCLAIMER : It is not my intention to dampen your valued contribution to this forum. However, since this is a space for public contributions of debate, I hereby provide my rebuttal.

      I invite you to read your statement again, slowly and with intuition. The logic behind such a statement, one would realize, does not bring one to comprehend the nature of the suffering experienced by the Bahamians. To bring god into this catastrophe, shows how insensitive we can sometimes be about our World reality. If ‘god is in charge,’ as you quipped, where was he (god) when decent, innocent human beings were just going about their daily lives then to be thrashed about by winds near 200 mph and a deluge of unimaginable proportions? WHERE WAS GOD? Have you read the horror stories coming out of our Caribbean neighbours? Are Bahamians less deserving of god’s mercy than Saint Lucians and Barbadians who were spared the wrath of Dorian? What would you say to the man or woman who has lost all their possessions and family members? God knows best? really? God is good? really? God is a perfect excuse in times of undefinable suffering, the great and wonderful placebo that hoodwinks the mind into not seeing the reality that we live in and look to the future with false hope. A hope that is never fulfilled or has ever been fulfilled for that matter of fact. So who is god to determine who should suffer the wrath of mother nature? Or is it that god has no power in himself because he does not exist? People have died and many more are suffering, but do you honestly believe in the Bahamians’ reality, god is the answer? When will we wake up and realize this pie in the sky is just a bouyon of ancient superstitions and mysticism that is sipped ignorantly, sometimes willingly, with sounds of pleasure, by the many. What if it was Saint Lucia or Barbados that was ravaged and the Bahamas spared, what would have been your outlook? We are in a age of great enlightenment. The ignorance of the past has been challenged and found wanting. Religion and all its vestments and great ornaments are all man made and therefore, so is god.


  2. It is not advisable to have so many leaders on one aircraft. But sometimes are such that it cannot be avoided. Thankful that things worked out.

  3. Yes you can imagin he would have missed the first horse race in the new track.Thank to what ever the plane is fine.

    • NO he need to fly ! But he must always take that G.U.Y. with him that [We] insist. There is always a seat for Francis too he need to fly. . They all should fly in fine style on a Boeing Max [We] insist at whatever cost first class of course nooooo problem money not an issue there is enough of us that willing verrrrry willing to chip in.

  4. I will disagree with a leader base on policies. But to wish he and mind you, the Bahamian leader and others had died in a plane crash is just beyond fathomable. We are all St. Lucians and west Indians. These leaders have children and families who love them. To these people they are not prime minister but daddy and mommy, brother and sister, sons and daughters. Let us not wish one others houses what we will not want to befall on ours. Idle words are recorded. I would just like to see these persons speak these words on public TV saying them. Stop hiding behind fake names.

    • The same leaders who pander to the 1% and have families going hungry at night. The same corrupt scum you people always complain about who lie steal and manipulate the masses. The same leaders who only know of your existence once every 5 years and use you as a tool to further their own interests. The same leaders who pollute the planet in the name of profits. You people need to screw your heads on straight. The world would be a much better place if 99% of the politicians disappeared.

  5. These people are just nothing you can’t take back what you throw God said to keep thy toung from Evel speaking .. to those that wish bad for other. Their pit is been dug by them and no one else will fall in it but themselves. Scripture must fulfill..

  6. There’s a statement by someone just weeks before the last election that saint Lucia will be unrest if chastenet ever win the general election and that statement were made by an SLP gooroo. That’s why there’s so much cretisizing complaining and condemning that’s the unrest. Atell U.

  7. God you in charge thanks to the most high My PM and the other people on board is safe.My fellow st.lucians becarful what we say with our tongue,stop the ignoranincy,stop the hatred 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Mr Joe that is so right slp is the cause that the country in that condition, because they don’t like to loose.whenever they in office they waist money, when they out they always have a vision empty vessels.

  9. Well boy with the way the politicians promoting ghettos in St Lucia, I see we can get that same kind of disaster or even worse if that hit our Island.
    I’m happy everyone on the plane was safe.

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