Plans For Botham Jean Foundation Being Finalised

The family of the late Botham Jean is working to finalise the details for the Botham Jean Foundation, it has been reported.

This amid concerns that as time passes and the news cycle changes, the 26 year old accountant’s tragic death will be forgotten.

According to Dallas, Botham’s Mother, Allison Jean, has disclosed that the  goal of the Botham Jean Foundation is to carry on her son’s legacy of improving the lives of people in the Saint Lucian community.

The publication reported that the family has already obtained academic scholarships for their son’s college, Harding University in Arkansas, and Southwestern Christian College, a historically black college in Terrell.

“Details will be announced later,” it disclosed.

“We also expect to advocate with established groups on gun control, police brutality and black lives,” Allison Jean was quoted as saying.

She declared that the family will ensure that Botham’s story and he himself remain alive.

Botham Jean was shot dead  on September 6, 2018 in his own apartment by Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger.

Guyger, who lived directly below the deceased, said she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own that night.

She was arrested on a manslaughter charge three days after the the killing, posted bond and has since remained free, according to local news reports.



  1. Yes Sue sear,we dont hear a word about these things.We need private citicents working in all the police stations,and bringing all what really happens every day to light and knoledge of all the population.Lets get names,and photos,and what crime they commited.Lets change some laws and stop protecting criminals

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  3. A former arts teacher from a prominent family has been accuse and even charge for sodomizing young boys but the system is keeping it quiet like nothing happen even the media

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