PM Announces 24-Hour Sea Patrols Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that the Marine Police Unit will be conducting sea patrols 24 hours every day in ‘well known hotspots’, as part of the battle to control the spread of COVID-19.

Chastanet made the announcement on his official Facebook page Tuesday.

He disclosed that the government has  increased the resources and man power allocated to the Marine Unit of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, which will allow for increased patrols at sea.

“This has become necessary following reports of persons trying to enter our island illegally from neighbouring islands,” he explained

Chastanet had earlier sent a warning to smugglers who help people to enter Saint Lucia illegally from neighbouring Islands which have recorded cases of COVID-19, that they are putting themselves and others at risk.

“We must keep Saint Lucia safe,” he told parliament Tuesday.

This country has so far recorded three ‘imported’ cases of Coronavirus, two of whom have since left the Island, Chastanet disclosed.


  1. If they are going to be out there 24 hours every day that will cause the bad boys a lot of problems The problem is that there are some policemen that call a friend on his celular and tell him we are sailing today and in what area.Apart from some other nice deals that ocur in the sea

  2. If that’s happening whosoever doing it will be embarrassed because he may be s crew Member and his friends intercept on the waters .Then the secret will be out in the open

  3. Good job pm keep the country safe those on duty have to do the job they are getting paid for.Prayers for you and st.lucians.🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨

  4. Nothing a submachine gun and a trigger finger can’t fix. It’s a war against the people of St. Lucia.

    • The first shot in that war was fired by the authorities when they did not close the ports before the first case got here.

  5. What a joke …where the marine unit is getting the Assets to patrol ? 😂😂 John Compton refuse the 110 the us wanted to give st.lucia . Defender will break down soon … Hopefully there’s other smaller boats . only now you need the unit right ? The promotion scale was not balanced . Too bad you lost the best guys you ever had . let’s see if we can sustain a 24hr patrol . every Island has a 110 except Saint lucia …smh . chastnet you better invest in one

  6. Yes we screwed up and there is a reason for all these things happening there are powerfull intrests behind most of the decisions taken when it comes to equipment for our police fixing our police boats radio comunications our radars Maybe one day we will see the light

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