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PM Announces ‘Great News’ For Job Seekers In The South

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced what he describes as more great news for job seekers in the South of Saint Lucia.

In a post Thursday on his official Facebook page, Chastanet disclosed that itelbpo in partnership with Invest Saint Lucia is developing a 20,000 sq ft factory shell located in the Hewanorra Free Zone in Vieux-Fort, Saint Lucia, which will house more than 300 employees in the global services sector.

According to the PM, it is a strategic move aimed at expanding its geographical footprint, ultimately diversifying its workforce and further enriching its global talent pool as the company pushes aggressively towards its 5-year goal of 5,000 new seats in its contact centre operations.

He stated that itelbpo & Invest Saint Lucia have broken ground and the new site is set to open on April 1, 2020.

“Founded in 2012 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, itelbpo is now a global business, and the region’s largest home-grown business process outsourcer offering end-to-end customer experience management solutions. With 5 facilities in 4 countries and a robust network of home-based experts, they have a balanced delivery model that offers agile and customized voice, non-voice and digitally enabled solutions that can adapt to the demands of an ever changing marketplace,” it was explained.


  1. Hope our people can get an honest job,and not a call center were you are obliged to invent a fantasy and lie,to trick customers all around the world.And end up in a shrinks office with mental trauma.

    • That’s exactly what it is a call center. Digicel and Flow uses the one in Jamaica. Oh well mediocre, it’s even lower paying than the hotels. A job is job one could say.

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  3. Jamaican again, I hope the management team don’t treat st Lucians as Sandals treating us. I am warning st Lucians that as soon as they are hired seek Union representation. Remember Chastanet is for foreigners, he is a Martiquan not a st Lucian.

    • Not true! He is Definitely NOT Martiniquan. His cousins the Mon plaisirs who were born in Martinique are the offspring of Donald Mon plaisir, à St Lucian businessman who emigrated to Martinique in the early
      1940s. So if anything you have gotten it back asswards.
      Why is it so many people here readily spout info as gospel when they have NO clue what they are talking about. Additionally for your edification…the Chastanets, although they have light skin, have black roots and are NOT WHITE!

  4. Good job Mr PM my rep could not give us people are working now 🙏🙏🙏 keep up the good work.Focus don’t let people get you confused

    • Our Rep and PM for 3 terms did not just keep us unemployed, he did nothing for us. The very few things he did was only to put money in his friend pockets eg the promenade, the Square etc. He tried his best to take control of the lives of our people both old and young, even the educated (but not smart). I am now happy that the jobs are coming fast and furious and gradually our young people, especially, who were described as being lazy, are coming off the blocks

  5. isnt that land required for the new airport? where he putting that big factory? anyways we are a nation of no thought and thinking.

  6. I am still confused as to what that facture produces. Is the product even tangible ? Someone enlighten me please. Hope it’s not another scheme like the horse thing. Expect jobs, fake or not elections are round the corner. The airport reconstruction is next. Remember, that they have no choice but to go south for any future structural developments.

  7. Concern where r “your people” working ? May i ask. Smfh at some of u low intelligence sheep.

  8. The southern end should be renamed – NEW PORT – because I think it will soon be New, and no longer Old (Vieux)
    and it’s not been a FORT since the British took it from the French, but indeed, a PORT as it should rightly be named.
    My comments have nothing to do with politics, as a son of the old Rock, I have the right to speak my mind, without
    taking political sides. I welcome anyone coming to our shores, to provide work, hoping that some who, for whatever
    reasons have preferred to take the unlawful path and so, ruin both theirs and someone else’ life. God, lend a hand.

    • That’s right this is the perfect place to be because we have no minimum wage and call /outsource centers pays less than 20 US PER DAY. They mostly employ poor single mothers, the turn over rate are high for the men that works there.

      • Like really? I’m not a poor single mother and I enjoy working at a call center. If you don’t know about the business, please educate yourself or shut up. People like you all that keeps St. Lucia backwards. What do you all bring to employed youths? Nothing!!!!! NADA!!!!! but you’ll are the biggest critics. Sick and tired of some of you all. Please don’t come for me. ****

    • Allan is the best prime minister st Lucia has ever seen he needs five more years to make new port a city one thing about me I don’t kiss a** but I would kiss the uwp a*** before I kiss slp ***** up a**

  9. When I saw this all fool’s day opening I said to myself he should have just said April and no date lol. Being that he has gotten so much negative about him from opposing people in most cases unfairly I hope it works out. We have a sickening and full of hate opposition and a new leader who is in politics longer than the one who still leads him. Poor Philip Kenny still runs tings if not then hilaire

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