PM Chastanet Announces ‘Election For The Ages’

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Press Release:– In an inspiring National address last night, Prime Minister the Honourable Allen Chastanet outlined some of the many successes of his government over the previous five years, as he announced that St. Lucians will go to the polls on July 26, 2021. 

With 21 days to go before the election, the Prime Minister wasted no time in revealing some of the progressive plans the United Workers Party already have in place. 

Stressing the importance of the upcoming poll, the Prime Minister called it “an election for the ages”. 

The Prime Minister referenced the government’s commitment to ensuring that every St. Lucian has the right to health insurance under the U.W. P’s 545 plan.

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He also shared his view “to build a brand-new progressive Saint Lucia where every child has the same opportunities for learning; a Saint Lucia where every citizen has access to world class, affordable health care; a Saint Lucia where, whether through tourism, agriculture or small business, every family can earn a comfortable living”.

Apart from looking ahead, Prime Minister Chastanet was also proud to highlight his government’s positive progress in a time where the entire world is still grappling with the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

He shared that “The past four months have witnessed a steady increase in tourism arrivals and our US numbers for June and July are even stronger than the same period in 2019” a clear indication that St Lucia is getting back on track. 

The Prime Minister admitted he was cautious with setting an election date, but with good reason.

  Prime Minister Chastanet’s message was also a calming one, assuring “My team is on the job and will keep working with you and for you to ensure that we come out of the pandemic stronger than before.


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