PM Chastanet: No Time For Complacency In COVID-19 ‘War’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has warned his countrymen that it’s no time for complacency amid the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

“Though our efforts seem to be paying off, now is not the time to become complacent in the war against COVID-19,” Chastanet wrote Wednesday on his official Facebook page.

He reminded citizens that they should only leave home if they need to get food, medication or essential supplies.

“When you go out, please practice social distancing, sanitize your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth,” Chastanet advised.

“Refrain from engaging in physical contact such as handshakes, hugging and kissing. Very importantly, if you feel sick please stay home and minimize contact with persons around you,” the PM observed.

“We must continue to adopt the attitude that everyone is potential carrier of the virus! Be a COVID-19 soldier for Saint Lucia,” he declared.

Earlier Chastanet had observed that as of April 14, 2020, Saint Lucia has a total of 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Follow-up tests were also conducted on the confirmed cases in care and to date a total of 11 of the confirmed 15 COVID-19 patients have recovered.

Presently there are 25 persons in quarantine and 20 in isolation.


  1. I have Notice persons behave that Coronavirus have been Eradicated in St.Lucia and they Don’t Take the Necessary Precautions Serious .People we all.have to follow protocall this is a Killer Disease practice Safety at all times

  2. Poor pm sometimes I feel sorry for you some lucians behavior is unbelievable, They pretending they can hear but don’t understand. They don’t take that virus serious.

  3. Waaahhhhh! This is heartbreaking. .fellow country men/woman can we please follow the protocols establish to protect us all…Waaahhhhh maisiay. Can we monitor our children please. Can we ensure we know their whereabouts at all times. They should be indoors..SMH

  4. Well st Lucians don’t care about their own being so why care so much. These People behaving so reckless are all adults not children.No wonder the kids behave that way.

  5. On the 41 day Noah sent out a dove and it returned with rum and burn chicken which indicate there was indiscipline on the land so he decide to stay in the hills and nurture his garden.

  6. I had every high praise for you and the medical fraternity headed by the CMO but your pronouncement on Sunday gave me the chills. I follow international and regional events especially where Covid 19 is concerned and your optimism to get the country opened up after the 26 is scary. Boats are still coming from Martinique with persons who maybe affected, St Lucians are still not observing the social distancing or mask wearing protocols. How positive are we that we can begin to open up the country.
    Gonzalez was boasting a week or two ago that they only had one case and it was resolved. They let down their guard and it sprang to 12 within days. I’m very concerned and would wish that this decision be given every possible outlook before proceeding. Please PM and CMO, St Lucians are already so hard-headed do not take any decisions that would further put our lives in danger.

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