Friday, December 6, 2019

PM Clears The Air On Castries Comprehensive Secondary

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has been clearing the air on the future of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS).

Chastanet told reporters Tuesday that an evaluation had determined that the government would have to spend more than $13 million to repair the institution.

“It is in that bad shape,” he explained.

“So the billion dollar question becomes, if you are actually literally going to be building a new school and knowing what you know today, would you build it in that location?”

According to Chastanet, Education Minister Doctor Gale Rigobert will be leading the analysis.

“Obviously the District Representative would have a considerable amount of say as to what we are going to do.”

“There is an option of possibly moving – I say possibly moving the school, but as I said in the United States almost a month ago, no decision has been made,” Chastanet explained.

He said it would be irresponsible of his administration not to give the matter of moving the school due consideration.

“It is on beach property land. The site also has problems with traffic and safety for the students. Whether my father or my father in law owns land – that never came into any consideration. They owned the land from long ago and this has nothing to do with it,” the PM, who once attended the CCSS, told reporters.



  1. You were supposed to clear the air? now you starting fire and a lot of smoke that is going to blind our eyes.Dont worry eagle can see through,your smoke.

  2. 10/31//2018

    The spirit of the Lord says that; his warriors will posses’ great power directly from the throne of God, those who have left family, property and money, to name a few and have served him wholehearted will be greatly rewarded with peace and prosperity. Those who have done great work for the kingdom and have helped the underprivileged also have their rewards coming. The Lord is a record keeper and keeps track of what everyone does because he sees all what we do, day or night. My brothers and sisters, live for the Lord, turn from your way, pray and read the word for yourself, help the less fortunate among us, visit the sick, the prisoners, widows and fatherless.

    The curses are being removed over his people and over our country and blessings will come to our shores and we will be blessed abundantly. With God it takes patience in order to receive, if you cannot wait, well, then you will miss out and give up on your blessings.

    Give and it shall be given unto, pressed down shaken together and running over. If, you give nothing, you get nothing in return, this is the plan of God for our lives.

    Take heed!

    • The bright ones usually fool us. Example DSH, Grindsberg, Robert Ainsworth, cannot grow the economy, cannot create employment etc. I will always prefer the CARING and HEARTFUL PM.

  3. What is wrong with a factual statement. Individuals. working at Education over the years have squandered government money in maintenance. So the report said one needs to spend 13 million dollars for repairs. A proper thinking person would ask Why spend 13 million on repairs when u can build a new school for that money maybe? So the question has been asked and stakeholders will decide. Simple.

    • SERIOUSLY! You already know it will cost 13 million yet you asked for the ministry’s assessment? That’s simple to you?

    • The school has been there for a long time and it has been through alot it is badly damaged, this is the question to ask,if it’s going to take 13m in repairs why not build a new school for that amount.i see nothing wrong.
      New school no mold.why not

  4. From the limited, but not unrevealing perspective of the Commission of Inquiry I have discerned a culture in St Lucia of studied indifference or, at the very least, inattention to the practice, even the concept, of public accountability – a cultural climate in which administrative torpor is often the consequence, and malpractices in government (including corruption) can thrive, unhampered by detection or, if and when uncovered, by disciplinary action. I have identified in this report certain aspects of serious malpractices and maladministration in government. A senior civil servant disregarded, if not positively defied, a clear prohibition on engaging at any time in any private activity which might be in conflict with, or harmful to Government; a breach by a former Minister in Government of the strict rules relating to governmental contracts; and a series of acts of mismanagement, not to say improper action by the chairman and chief executive of a government agency established to manage Government housing. Each of these public service delinquencies needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency, with the exception of Mr Josie’s pardonable offence at Vieux-Fort. Civil servants need to be reminded that they “are required to familiarise themselves thoroughly with staff orders” (Order 1.3) and “to acquaint themselves with Government notifications and orders” (Order 1.5). Ministers and civil servants should be reminded of the rules relating to public expenditure; and those persons appointed to public authorities or government agencies must comply strictly with their remits.
    From the Bloomfield Cooper report We see to be going backwards

  5. My humble suggestion to this government, and future ones; do not erect another building until provisions are made for maintenance. There is always a grand opening followed by maintenance neglect. Count CCSS as one of those fruits that was left to dry on the vine.

    I don’t believe that the powers understand that buildings and machinery need frequent maintenance. It will be princely sum to demolish those CCSS buildings.

    • This is gospel truth and a contribution that makes sense it seems sincere and it has no color to it. Simple and factual we erect things we can’t maintain from roads to buildings.

  6. This PM keeps stumbling over his own words. Why don’t you just shut up or let someone who can think and speak do so. Everyday you remind me more of Donald Trump. I believe that there is something underhanded going on with this comprehensive school thing. Be careful Chastanet.

    • I think you are still suffering from the Heart condition you suffered on June 6th 2016. That’s why you can’t breathe properly.

  7. Well the sir Ira Simmons secondary should be move too, what the P. M. think people are living in the dark days.People eyes are open

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