Wednesday, January 29, 2020

PM Commits To Ensuring That Majestic Workers Are Paid Their Dues

Press Release:– Hon. Allen M. Chastanet, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia met with the Leadership of the National Workers Union (NWU) and four (4) workers formerly employed with Majestic Industries Ltd., a company which operated in Saint Lucia from 1971 until 2004.

The NWU which represented the employees then, told the Prime Minister that at the time of its operations Majestic Industries employed over three hundred (300) workers and made a significant contribution to the economic well being of the employees and indeed Saint Lucia.

Unfortunately the company decided to shut down operations in 2004 giving just seventy two (72) hours notice to the NWU.

There was no Severance Pay, no Notice Pay, Outstanding wages and non-payment of about three (3) months NIS contributions on behalf of the workers.

The Prime Minister responded by giving the assurance of an immediate investigation to get an update on the matter.

He further stated that he would do all within his authority to see that the former employees of Majestic Industries Ltd get the compensation due to them.


    • These days that PM committing to everything – St. Jude’s, OKEU, youth, constituency, roads, jobs in the south, pension for OKEU staff. Just name it and he commits. Well let us hope that this commitments will not be like all the others that we are waiting for him to fulfil in the last three years. With that Pm it appears that everyday is All Fools Day.

  1. 33 years of labouring for foreigners + 15 years of being ignored by their own authorities = an attempt to………..! Hope this politician truly means what he speaks and can relate to the plight of the 300. Mr. PM…please initiate compulsory acquisition of those lands and sell off to give those who are still of earth a lil kaka duhn!

    I implore…beg ..beseech….entreat….

  2. Chastanet tells so many LIES I cannot believe anything he says. Chastanet and juke Bois are the biggest liars in st lucia as a result I cannot believe any of them.

  3. For the amount of lies Chastnet tell lucians already you’ll still believing? Why don’t you’ll emancipated yourselves from mental slavery, haven’t the white man fooled you’ll enough? Come on man lucians really starting to get me on my nerves, name one promise this government has made and kept,now don’t tell me cutting the grass behind the. .. ..

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