PM Concerned About Psychological Impact Of COVID-19

Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has expressed concern over the psychological impact of COVID-19, noting that the virus is creating a lot of anxiety among the populace.

He was addressing a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) virtual security conference this week.

While noting that the COVID-19 pandemic is already having a huge economic impact, Chastanet observed that it has created another problem that is social in nature.

He explained that no one really understands what the true psychological fallout will be of people being confined in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

Chastanet also highlighted personal anxieties related to, among other things, the loss of jobs and income.

“That creates a tremendous amount of anxiety in a lot of persons. So even here in Saint Lucia we’ve had a spate of murders, but the spate of murders has been fighting over land, domestic fights and you know – that’s really that anxiety that is really creating this boiling and tipping point in many ways and you know this is the most difficult type of crime to fight,” he asserted.

“This is just social breakdown and so therefore it is a much longer term strategy of retraining and helping psychologically your population and that’s really for the most part out of the domain of the police,” Chastanet observed.

Nevertheless he told the virtual security conference that ultimately the police would have to deal with what he described as ‘the mess.’


    • Are you living under a rock that you are not aware of the mental toll this is taking on people. I do believe this has been mentioned in the international circles.

      Trust me there are business in St.Lucia who have made counseling services available to their staff from almost the beginning of this.

  1. Yes PM that’s is so true I’m in the hospital working I comfort people all the time especially when they come for the covid-19 test

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