Friday, September 30, 2022

PM Condemns Sharing of ‘Gruesome’ Photos On Social Media

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has hit out at people who circulate gruesome crime photos on social media.

He spoke amid concern over the appearance on social social media of images of the partially decomposed body of a female.

Police discovered the body on Saturday on Pigeon Island causeway.

As a result, they are using DNA samples to identify the individual.

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In a video he posted on his official Facebook page, Chastanet said people are choosing to circulate some of the most gruesome, disrespectful pictures on social media.

“We all play our part, because when we get these pictures and we share them rather than immediately erasing them,” the PM declared.

“This is hurtful to the family members every time they have to see it,” Chastanet observed.

And he expressed the view that this will ‘certainly affect the investigation.’

“Because it may make available evidence that we don’t want shared,” the PM stated.

“I am appealing to all of us – think of what I did when I heard of these incidents. I have a daughter!” He said.

“It could have been her. So to suggest we don’t care – we do. I personalise all of these things,” Chastanet explained.

“But more importantly, after suffering the loss of your child to then see the indignity of people circulating those pictures. We’re better than that Saint Lucia – we’re better than that,” he contended.

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