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Updated on July 2, 2020 8:42 am
Updated on July 2, 2020 8:42 am
Updated on July 2, 2020 8:42 am

PM Confident Anti-Crime Measures Will Bear Fruit

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has expressed confidence that measures being adopted against crime will bring desired results.

Chastanet spoke during a New Year’s address to the nation Sunday night.

While we have not achieved the kind of success we would all want, we know that the effort we are making will begin to pay off,” he stated.

“We remain committed to the multi-pronged strategy to significantly reduce crime,” the PM explained.

“We cannot and will not deny that the crime situation continues to affect us deeply. We feel it every time a young person loses their life through violence. It not only impacts their families but we also lose what they may have contributed to the development of our society,” Chastanet observed. 

“We cannot look at the crime situation without doing serious reflection about the way we lead our daily lives, raise our children, our interactions, the way we resolve conflict and how impulsive we may be to react or get retribution,” he stated. 

“We must continuously work on this as a society, even as the Government implements measures to help prevent, detect and solve crime,” the PM told the nation. 

He disclosed that internally, results are being measured on a weekly basis.

According to Chastanet the government has already embarked on a number of measures. 

He mentioned empowering and modernizing  the police force with communications equipment and vehicles including motorcycles; having 95 CCTV camera feeds in strategic areas and in 2020, mounting 525 additional camera feeds from Castries to Gros Islet, to Vieux Fort.

The PM also stated that the government has recruited over 80 new officers with targeted patrols already resulting in a drop in assaults and re-opened the Forensic lab.

“We started with 12 city police and are now up to 42. We restored the operations of our coastguard vessels and radar system which had been dysfunctional. The Director of Public Prosecutions has received increased resources for his office. We facilitated the strengthening of the judiciary with more magistrates and judges,” he recalled.

“And despite attempts to derail plans to build a new Police Headquarters, we will move forward with the new structure at the old prison site in the first quarter of 2019,” Chastanet noted. 

He observed that simultaneously, work is being undertaken towards tackling crime at its root with social programmes such as Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) which focuses on mitigating risk factors that trigger criminal and anti-social behaviours.

“There will be a special emphasis on young men, vulnerable groups, especially children, at-risk-youth and women in target communities. We also have after-school programmes intended to keep our kids meaningfully engaged. In 2019, we increased the number of social workers and revised our incarceration and rehabilitation policies as part of the crime fighting strategy,” he said. 

Chastanet said that in the next few weeks, an announcement will be made about impending changes intended to accelerate measures to bring crime under control and to strengthen the police force. 



  1. Behaviour modification will help reduce crime; certainly not the recruitment of more police personnel. Cameras will record the act(s) and facilitate the arrest of the culprit but the crime will have been committed. Can cameras, patrolling policemen/women stop domestic abuse. Get smart.

    • I certainly concur. Crime needs to be addressed at its core, not simply short gap measures. Has one ever questioned why is it that over the years, more persons are finding themselves involved in crime at such a young age? Why is it that even after providing universal secondary education, increased training opportunities and creating more employment opportunities that young people, particularly young men are involved in such daring, violent crimes? One needs to critically assess the social policies that we have in place to deal with this tumultuous issue. Is it that our young people are simply lazy and want to get rich quickly? Or is it evidence of a failing society, with weak institutional structures and minuscule safety nets to assist the most vulnerable and disenfranchised?

  2. Kenny Anthony said the same thing around election …unless we start hanging and enforcing our laws crime will not stop . this is saint .lucia , not the USA or Europe . our law is our law . to he’ll with those other countries . far to long criminals have the upper hand . too many robberies and murders … No one have regards to law and order .

  3. But Chas; these children are still out there with guns, still reaping havoc, wbile you are there talking about anti crime! last year you spoke about: SERIOUs CRIME; now you are talking: anti crime! Where is your minister of national security? Wake him up and bring him come, so that he can talk to us about this measures you don’t know about, because you are only the PM, or are you now man alone? We need resaults, Sir!

    • Ha ha ha hah ha ha Wake up Francis ?? Now why after 3 years why would he want to do that when he himself hardly address the topic, one is lead to believe they are happy with the status quo. He can get all he want to get, these youth these days are from a different breed cell phone, social media, fast cars, party, clothes, and sex. As for domestic violence good luck with that.

  4. When Central police Station was Located on Jerimie Street police used to be on the Beat and Patrol in the City .Beat 1and 2.Beat 3and 4 and Marshand Beat 5 .Now 2020 No police patrolling the Beat anymore .The City police are no where to be seen .

  5. What kind of fruit does Chastanet expect the measures to bear? Mangoes, oranges, golden apples? I want to know.

  6. Our schooling sistem has a lot of drop outs.More than 5000 young students graduate every year.Do we have a future for them? only a few get the good jobs.The rest is lost,many get involved in bad things,because its easy.Those that dont graduate,dont get a diploma,they are lost,and we dont have vocational schools,to entice them to learn a profesion,to become usefull.This is just a small example of our problems.The list never ends.and neither will the discusions.But we have to try something never give up.

  7. We also need to start creating a bank of DNA data,we need to get data from all our inhabitants,that will speed up all investigations,and find the culprits,they wont have a chance.Maybe this is to expensive ,and Im just dreaming.

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