Wednesday, November 13, 2019

PM Congratulates Albert Reynolds

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has congratulated Saint Lucian javelin thrower Albert Reynolds who won a bronze medal Saturday at the Pan American Games.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Chastanet dubbed it  “another great performance by one of our athletes at the Pan Am Games.”

“Congratulations to Albert Reynolds, who threw a national record 82.19m on his final attempt to secure bronze in men’s javelin throw at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru,” the Saint Lucia PM said.

He noted that it’s the first ever Pan Am medal for Saint Lucia other than in pole vault or high jump.

Albert also becomes just the third Pan Am Games medallist ever from Saint Lucia, Chastanet observed.

Reynolds came in behind Grenada’s Anderson Peters who broke the Pan-American Games record in the javelin throw, throwing 87.31m  and Trinidad and Tobago’s Keshorn Walcott, the 2012 Olympic gold medallist, defending champion and world ranked No.14, who was second with 83.55m.


  1. Great Job! We need more. Grenada is punching way above their weight class is Tract and Field. We need to study what they are doing and replicate here.

  2. Meanwhile, we the athletes have been patiently waiting over 10 years to get full access to our premiere training facility- the George Odlum Stadium!!!!! The impact of the whole St. Jude’s fiasco on track and field is unbelievably disturbing. This is more than just a medal for Albert!!! Albert did well by overcoming all those political and administrative obstacles by pressing forward on his own accord. Thanks Albert for drawing the attention of our leaders who are never vocal when we spend an entire day breathing fumes from toxic medical waste drains, or sitting on surfaces that were bloodied by trauma patients, or having to share toilets with sick people, or being distracted by the cries of grieving loved ones, or dodging falling steel members from the corroded roof truss all while trying to focus on competition. Hopefully, the SLAA can use this to echo the cries of the young athletes who try their utmost best to compete at a high level in deplorable conditions. Congrats to Albert- and to our leaders : ” we could have done much better if only we had the freedom to practice and compete at a facility like the GOS like every other athlete in the world!!!”

  3. Mr. PM, We all would like to say to Mr. Reynolds: Thank you, we would like to also encourage him to continue where he left off, better luck next time; step by step you climb the ladder! Mr. PM, let the ministers do their job!

  4. I love that pic- its shows a man who has overcome so much to get where he is today! Congrats ma boy! Now on another note may I share with the readers what a typical athlete has to go through at the George Odlum Stadium – some of which are just plain gross:
    – inhaling toxic fumes from medical waste (including dead tissue/fluids) from the drains at GOS;
    – having to sit on surfaces that are not designed to collect bodily fluids and by that i mean blood and vomit;
    – having to listen to the screams and cries of both trauma patients and loved ones who grieve;
    – sharing toilet facilities with sick/ ailing patients, some of whom have infectious diseases;
    – dodging falling steel roof truss members;
    For over 10 years we [ athletes] have been patient- and its has run out. The SLAA and the Minister of Sports seem mum on this issue, but it is about time that track and field is taking more seriously!! We need GOS back or another suitable facility ASAP!!!

    • Athletes are still using the St. Jude Hospit… i mean George Odlum Stadium. That can’t be healthy at all

      • One should really think twice before sending their children down there for any sports event. I really love the sport but health and safety comes first!! Some associations have no ballz- afraid to put pressure on our leaders to do more for us- the locals! Big up to Albert!!

  5. Mr. PM: Athletes need more than congratulatory messages. They need the stadium back. The sick people need a proper hospital. People who sick need proper roads for the ambulance to pick them up. We need to keep our nurses at the hospitals rather than frustrating them.
    Mr PM stop jumping every bandwagon for publicity and do real work.

  6. Mr. P M you should be embarassed to congratulate Albert Reynolds. He does not have a stadium(George Odlum Stadium) to train in his homeland so he resorted to migrating to Martinique for training. He should’ve represented Martinique instead. Damn shame on you Mr. PM for trying to take praise. Smh

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