PM: Cops Doing Utmost In ‘Overwhelming Circumstances’

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has told the nation that Saint Lucia police are doing their utmost in overwhelming circumstances.

Chastanet spoke in a state of the nation address Sunday evening, hours after the country recorded its first murder for 2019.

The victim was identified by police as British national, ‘Bob’ Hathaway whose body was found covered in blood at his home in Piat, Grane Riviere, Gros Islet.

In the nationally televised address dubbed ‘It’s Our Time’, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister observed that at a time when crime is on the minds of most Saint Lucians, the government has  had to spend much of the last 30 months sourcing and providing some of the very basic needs for the police force that were not available when the current administration came into office.

“In today’s world, if you do not have CCTV cameras; if you don’t have a forensic lab; if you don’t have a justice and court system that are working in tandem; if you do not have a DPP’s office that is properly staffed; if your policemen do not have proper communication systems and vehicles, if you do not have proper court buildings, you cannot say you are serious about fighting crime,” Chastanet declared.

“As if those problems were not a heavy enough burden, there are the related sanctions placed on the police in 2012, including travel and overseas training,” he noted.

According to the PM, the Labour Party government’s irresponsible handling of the IMPACS investigation has also contributed to the “sharp decline in the morale of our police, who are doing their utmost in overwhelming circumstances.”

Chastanet said that from the onset of his administration, steps were taken steps to combat crime at all levels, including instituting social programmes that address crime at its root.

“We first reopened the Forensic Lab that was closed for some years. As a result we were able to make significant headway in the investigation and prosecution of several rape cases on the island,” he recalled.

He stated that the Government is also now faced with another hurdle of tackling the current health and safety issues at the facility, which he is assured will be resolved in the coming weeks.

“We appointed a Director of Public Prosecution and increased resources for the DPP’s office. The new Police Headquarters will also include six new courts, a state-of-the-art control centre and improved facilities for our police,” Chastanet told the nation.

“Strategically, we have taken decisions to strengthen our police force and justice system, however, we recognize we still have a long way to go in providing the basics that are vital to serious crime fighting. We have invested in CCTV cameras and police communications systems which will be operational within weeks.”

According to the PM, all the necessary resources are being put in place.

“But similarly we will be asking for accountability,” he explained.

He urged his countrymen to do their part as good citizens to discourage crime and support their police force as the government puts various measures in place.



  1. St Luciatimes
    Is that all you guys can report from our Prime Ministers’ Address?
    We know the problems that our hardworking policy force is facing and the challenges and plans of the government to tackle the issues.
    Time for tangible results instead of talk, talk and more talk.

  2. All this is great,very happy to hear those steps has been taken, however in the lab I am hoping there are more st.lucian citizens working there.
    All in all nothing was said about a pay increase the the members of the force,I get it health is on the back burner, waiting to see how long it takes.

  3. Opposing is easy, governing is hard. Stop looking in the rearview mirror and take the necessary steps to bring about a complete paradigm change in criminal activity. Yes, your predecessors could have done much more but crying over spilt milk does nothing to bring relief to a beleaguered people. Your party was given the opportunity to outperform the one, that was in, just before you. Complaining does nothing to solve the present crisis. You have put almost all the country’s financial resources in tourism. Many foreign hoteliers have been given huge tax breaks and very generous sweetheart deals. One got $ 25 000 000 of taxes belonging to the country. That could have gone to purchase much needed resources for the police force. Stop shedding crocodile tears and do something to halt the slaughter of your fellow citizens.

  4. More Lip service when it comes to tourism you will travel the world begging for loans to fund projects but once it’s for the local workers ( police, nurse and govt workers) it’s always there is not enough money

    • @Realist
      That’s very true. Can give humongous tax breaks and other incentives to foreign millionaires and billionaires but the hard working public servants have to survive on pittance. It’s always a monumental struggle for teachers, nurses, police officers, garbage collectors, pensioners and other government workers to get a well deserved ‘top up’. Why does the government put up a stubborn resistance to give struggling public servants a livable wage? This happens while the PM and his ministers get an obese monthly salary plus many perks for sitting down in their air conditioned offices with their feet on the desks.

  5. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Both Laybar and UWPee are hell bent on regurgitating deficiencies of the past. They seem to not recognize that they are in power and the concern should be of the NOW. Telling what Labour didn’t do doesn’t help anyone.
    This party has been in power for over two years. Tell us your success story. That’s what the public wants to know. Throwing money at projects does not equate a strategy. What is the grand plan? For sure, a plan that does not include deterrence is a waste of time. So far I have not seen any deterrent measures brought into place.

  6. You have money to spend on Teo Ah Khing, Ojo labs, give Sandals 24 million just so, Guy Joseph’s wife scool, but when it comes to do anything for the betterment of our people you never have money. sot la!

  7. Thank you my PM. For reminding us about the crime situation! Maybe you have tackled it, but it is only in your mind, i have not seen any changes in the crime situation. Sir, you have our most experience officers on the side lines, answering nonsense questions, since the last regime until now, so where have you tackle the crime situation? You have a police force with no moral, they are stress out even burn out, and you are making us believe that you have done this and that to handle crime. Sir bring back the police force how it was before you allies stepped in; leave our police officers alone. You need to promote these officers accordingly! Bring back the moral to these officers, and RESTORE CONFIDENCE, so that they can handle these criminals that are spreading terra in this land; and give the pass regime a break! Start the job! You have my full support!
    Now that is my opinion! According to what I just read. zabo

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