PM: COVID-19 Protocols Observed For Visiting Pop Star Dua Lipa

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says COVID-19 protocols were observed when English singer and songwriter, Dua Lipa, entered Saint Lucia.

British tabloids have reported that the singer and her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, jetted into Saint Lucia for a Caribbean getaway.

Prime Minister Chastanet said they came here when Saint Lucia opened up its borders on June 4.

The couple, who posted photos of themselves on the beach here,  are still on the Island according to local officials.

“I went to see her when she first came,” Prime Minister Chastanet disclosed.

He spoke Monday morning during The Morning Heat with Scady, Franny and King JV on Blazin 99.3 FM.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet with Blazing FM crew

He described the pop star as an ‘amazing lady’.

Chastanet said Dua Lipa was informed that if she wanted to visit Saint Lucia she would have to be pre-tested and stay at a specific hotel.

“So she applied, she was pre-tested and  luckily for her she was able to come down on a private plane and she went into a villa at Sugar Beach in isolation,” the PM said.

“All the proper protocols were put in place when she arrived on the property. Her temperature was taken, the staff had PPEs – the staff were being tested on a regular basis. There was a tremendous amount of social distancing. When I saw her she had her mask on and everybody was staying their distance away,” Chastanet disclosed.

“The key thing I asked her: ‘ So why did you come to Saint Lucia?’  She said because Saint Lucia was requiring people to be pre-tested and that seems like the common sense thing to do,” he told Blazing FM.


  1. Chastanet, you have a brain tumor that’s too big to handle. You need emergency surgery to have it removed. Quarantine and social distancing my ass. You allow street jams everywhere on the island and you saying social distancing, if the tumor isn’t in you brain, I think your brain just went down to your ass. Quarantine my ass Chastanet. N ok they guests will pay so much money to come here, and they will only stay at the hotels and wear a mask everytime, and you expect the hotel workers to keep a mask all day. Not even on the full buses they want to wear it. People coughing all in the hand some not even covering their cough and sneeze, but then again Chastanet, the people can only be a reflection of their leader. A brainless one at it.

    • Thought I too believe in social distancing and that it should remain until a vaccine, I also believe that we have relaxed because at this point there is no covid-19 community spread. With reference to the lady I believe all the measure taken are the correct ones. I am not in a position to say you are being political, however I believe you have a person agenda.

      • The point is, she is just a start in the push to re open the tourism sector …they did it for her but will it be done for persons who wish to travel for just one week?…we could have waited till November but NO!!!!…Everyone for themselves.

  2. ….WHO THE HELL CARES !!! Like the British don’t do enough damage already with Covid-19 just like a English Cortina they should be rare and obscure as far I am concern. Just like when he met Amy Wineout he went goo goo ga ga.….so timid but at the same time just CARELESS this will be the intricate part of his memoir.

  3. The government is doing a good job so far..Why should we wait November December or next year to reopen our borders when the WHO says that the virus will be there for two if they don’t get a vaccine we should keep our borders close for two or more years smh..

    • Do you really beleive the entire story on COVID 19? Take a closer look at the trend globally. Unfortunately we are just the pawns in the chess game. Just imagine the flu medicine which was used for ions was removed from sale from the start of the “serious” phase of COVID and then the world is asked to try a vaccine that has not shown any signs of being good for humans.

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