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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

PM: Cyber Technology To Track Those Who Spread Fake Coronavirus News

Prime Minister Allen Chastenet has said that cyber technology will be used to track down persons who spread fake news about Coronavirus.

He spoke days after he dissemination of fake news asserting that Saint Lucia had recorded a case of the virus.

The matter has been reported to the police for investigation.

“I am always concerned when people who claim to be Saint Lucians engage in this kind of behaviour because ultimately what they are affecting is the reputation of our country,” the PM told reporters Tuesday.

He explained that a 24 hour line has been established so that individuals can seek verification before going public with any information.

“We have also made it so that it is non-political. We have allowed the CMO to be the key spokesperson on this issue,’ Chastanet explained.

“I am asking everyone to please conform,” he stated.

According to the PM, there is already a heightened situation as a result of the global Coronavirus spread and there is no need to add further fuel to the fire.

“It’s a very simple thing – one phone call to be able to verify the information one way or the other,” he asserted.

“As I indicated, we do have cyber technology that we will be using to try to track to the best of our ability, anybody who is in breach of that protocol,” Chastanet told reporters.

He made it clear that the intention was not to prevent individuals from saying anything against him or the government and its policies.

“This is specifically as it relates to the Coronavirus,” he declared.




  1. My dear PM dont waste time and resources investigating who could posibly disagree with you.Set up a task force and work hard,to try to save as many as you can from this world pandemic

    • ….…….I cant this *** either with his Jeconiah Mentality as if we don’t have more pressing issues facing us ight now. Some are in deep denial; they believe we are in a bubble and if NOT ONE case of the virus ever embark on our shores the whole world is going to go ahhhhh and run to St Lucia dream on. They keep talking about our reputation in this pandemic era, it just piss me off who cares about anybody’s reputation right now when it’s on all continents. The erosion ripple effects is mind bottling and crippling to say the least. This will not come to past “in a few month”. So the fiscal fallout for the region on a whole will be devastating. In retrospect, as it pertains to St Lucia and the Allen Chastanet Administration in the words of Cuba Gooding Jr “show me the money”. Who is taking a cruise ? The airlines flying ghost these days and its getting worse, they will have rob Peter to pay Paul and all those promises that were made guess what…… ??? 5 million dollar payment every six month on 100 million dollar US loan oh yeah they are done.

  2. I completely agree with the PM on this. Coronavirus is causing widespread panic and ultimately the airlines and travel destinations will suffer alongside other global markets. Its therefore essential that speculative information isn’t flooded into the media about the country we all love and care about. We don’t want the work that has been done to make St Lucia a world class holiday destination to be undone because of lies.

  3. I am in total agreement with the PM on this issue. Too many times unscrupulous individuals have taken it on their own to spread “rumours of war” which do not exist, much to the expense and detriment of the country and its inhabitants. Not only of the current coronavirus situation, but of taking it on their own to spread rumours of essential services information (WASCO, LUCELEC, etc.). St Lucians and others cannot afford to be taken for a ride on “fake news”.

  4. Chastent is the PM of St Lucia weather we like him or not.He send his kids to school for the sake of you all talibians angry set of people.You all have the country in that state hungry power people.

  5. chastanet you ******* chinese? the very same tracking technology they want you to implement will also be used against you to track your every move. as we say in our local langguage; the same stick that was used to beat the black dog will be the same stick that will be used to beat the white dog! why you threatening with tracking technology when u will be tracked too by whomever! facebook cant do anything about fake news, neither can the US , you talking sheet! best tell your people where the valid sources of information is.

  6. So we wait for the goverment to feed us what coveniently suits them politically I see this in the USA and it hasent worked and never will and we dont even have enough Panadol,We are in a mess Our funeral parlours going to hit the jack pot This is no fault of our goverment this is a world pandemic,this virus aint looking at the colour of your shirt,she will just take you if you are not strong.We need to be truthfull and stop thinking of Jaz,Carnival,and big gatherings and party our lives are on the line.

  7. Awa Chastanet, Awa. I’m not picking sides but you all are a joke. My people, let us not be threatened by this so called Leader of the nation. I agree we don’t need to be spreading fake news about something that is killing our people world wide, but i see no measures in place for the sick and elderly in OUR COUNTRY. The money and effort being put into victimization is amazing. i don’t see that effort to prosecute the greedy ministers in your house bruh!

  8. Instead you try putting measures in place to combat this epidemic you talking about Cyber Technology to track people. We eh have no proper hospitals if this virus hit. That should be your concern but it eh putting money in your pocket so you don’t care.

  9. Clue less Allen, find somewhere to quarantine potential confirmed cases, lift the visa free access to Chinese, provide Drs/Nurses etc with the relevant equipment to help manage the pandemic.

    Think you’ve got your priorities a bit lob sided.

  10. You think everyone is within the 43% ? Using this pandemic as an excuse to spy on the population to find the persons who leak your terrible government deals and agreements.

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