Wednesday, October 5, 2022

PM Declares ‘Pettiness ’In Chastanet’s Claim Of Being Silenced In The House

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says opposition leader Allen Chastanet who declared that he was not allowed to speak during debate on the Budget, had absented himself.

“He was not there – that’s it,” Pierre, also responsible for Finance, told reporters  on Monday as he arrived for a Cabinet meeting.

The Castries East MP recalled that he spoke immediately after the prime minister in opposition and only received the estimates on Saturday, at times around midday, and spoke on Wednesday morning.

“This time the opposition had the benefit of having the estimates from Thursday – some of them from Wednesday. You have enough time to ask questions answer questions and to make your contribution. The estimates are figures. The Prime Minister makes his contribution and you respond to the figures so this childishness about who speaks when we don’t have time for that,” he stated.

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According to the PM, Saint Lucia and the world face a serious situation.

He disclosed that currently, the government is making less than 50 cents on a gallon of petrol, while the last administration had imposed a four-dollar tax.

”Do you know what happens to our revenue? As we speak these are issues we have to deal with so the pettiness and the childishness I have no time for that,” Pierre explained.

He spoke of the need to address the cost of living increases and lessen the impact on the people of Saint Lucia.

However, the Finance Minister described the issue as a very difficult proposition.

But he revealed that he has some policy suggestions to present during the April 26 debate.

“That’s what I am waiting for to tell Saint Lucians – how we’re going to make life better for them. As you know these estimates were people-centred. Right now we have to give the policies to make these things possible,” he told reporters.

Last week, opposition leader and former Prime Minister Allen Chastanet took to Facebook to complain that to stop him from contributing to the Budget, the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) prevented four of their most senior Ministers from speaking.

The debate closed without the United Workers Party (UWP) leader addressing the parliament.

Prime Minister Pierre responded when asked about the four Ministers not speaking.

“Well you see the process in the parliament is who catches the speaker’s eye and at the time none of the members caught the speaker’s eye. So who was there would have caught the speaker’s eye,” he explained.

Last week Pierre delivered his maiden Budget – a $1.8 billion measure.

He said the fiscal package was important for projects to increase jobs, create wealth, and improve social safety nets to provide relief to disadvantaged individuals and people who suffered due to COVID-19.

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  1. Can a corrupt throne be allied with you- one that brings on misery by its
    decrees ?
    Since you know the secret of the heart, therefore, you have set our iniquities before you,our secrets sin in the light of your pressence ?
    Why are you downcast,O my soul ?
    why so disturbed within me,as my foes taunt me ? Put your hope in God,
    for I will praise him,my savior and God.
    I say to God my Rock
    “why have you forgetten me ?
    Why must I go about complaining,
    oppresse by the enemy ?”

  2. Don’t worry five years is not to far when you was their the first week in office they wanted u to complete st Jude be strong people are not blind it’s not going to be politics all the time when people are hungry am not someone who accepts handouts and my children cannot get a job with a mangerabl sarly when the costs of living is in the sky and at the ending of the day its for the people it’s time for people to stop accepting handouts and look for a better future for our children and the people in this country point blank and period

  3. Chastnet made beast from parliament. Chas dows not know figures , he was unprepared and ran away.

  4. Youths don’t be politically blind these slp old hacks singing for they bread…hundreds of us Lost our jobs because of y’all personal vendetta towards a company and you talking about pettiness bullshit…when man start doing things they quick to say we not looking for work to do…all the people slp give position already they are above the age of 50 what about the youths I want to own my own house land just like your hacks…youths open y’all eyes the power is in our hands fuc# slp.

  5. I am genuinely shocked that to hear Chastanet complain about the same treatment he and Guy dished to Janeka Simon, and Miguel.

  6. Chastanet needs to get his act together. His deliberate failure to speak and contribute to the budget debate was totally disgraceful. This arrogance is unacceptable. The people deserve better leadership. He should have done his home work and be prepared to participate in the proceedings. He missed a vital opportunity to compare and contrast his UWP management of the economy with SLP.

  7. Pionhow many times did you walk out of parliament.. you and your cabals. But I guess you weren’t doing the people work then. He was kind to you’ll when he allowed the opposition to speak after every 2 members of cabinet but because a man is born of a golden spoon…. Wish I was one for reel espying those trying times you’ll put us in you want to crucify a man and to ho so bold about it… saying it on live tv/ asocial media is disgusting. But you know what your follower are so bling that right now you can call them pig and they’ll still clap for you and defend you. God is not asleep, when karma hits you I will not be one to say poorjab

    • F#@k off house negro! Your Massa Allen Chastanet was MIA for over a month and you were still on here barking like a mongrel pup.

  8. You left and go to ur office. Go and eat and do all your nonsense. Then coming back u think they will wait for u? Come on chastanet. You think u are still holding the mantle? You have not come to ur senses as yet? You thought u would be there forever. WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR U CHASTANET. WE DON’T WANT YOU. PLEASE.

  9. Y’all slp scammers will not trick me next election…I lost my job because of y’all personal vendetta towards a company and you talking about pettiness bullshit im f***** up…when man start doing things y’all quick to say we not looking for work to do…youths open y’all eyes don’t be politically blind.

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