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Updated on July 9, 2020 12:52 pm
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PM: Developments In Soufriere Evidence Of Promised New Saint Lucia

Prime Minister  Allen Chastanet has pointed to developments taking place in Soufriere as evidence of  the new Saint Lucia has United Workers Party (UWP) promised to build.

“If you are looking for evidence of the New Saint Lucia that we promised to build, then take a drive down to Soufriere,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister recalled that on Wednesday the government  officially commissioned the latest project in Sulphur City which is the Soufriere Town Square.

“Since assuming office in 2016 the constituency of Soufriere/Fond St Jacques has began to experience the promised transformation, with the construction of 3 additional pools at the Sulphur Springs Park, the Hummingbird Beach Park Project, the new bus terminal and farmers market at the Old Trafford Complex,” he observed.

He also mentioned rehabilitation of the Fire Station, ongoing rehabilitation of the Police Station, the rehabilitation of the Fond St Jacques Playing Field and many other constituency development projects all aimed at improving the social, economic and living conditions in such a promising constituency.

Chastanet said he is extremely proud of the work that Soufriere MP Herod Stanislas, Mayor Pius Gangadine and the teams from the Soufriere Constituency Council as well as the Soufriere Development Foundation have been able to achieve together.

“I am looking forward to the completion of the upgrading of the Soufriere Sports Stadium which is ongoing and the commencement of the new Soufriere Hospital,” he disclosed.

According to the PM, in the coming weeks, the constituencies of Gros Islet and Anse la Raye will begin to benefit from some’ transformative projects’ as his administration works to create equal opportunities across Saint Lucia.


  1. Well as many such pro project s @🏺⚔”* as needed to confirm this transformation.!🏺⚔”.

  2. Interesting! So now Soufriere is St. Lucia. What about Micoud, and the rest of the neglected villages?

  3. Still no “ching ching” in my pocket Mr. PM is only hardcore supporters and businessmen that are benefiting from your stewardship

  4. When will there be developments for the poor people? Housing, health care, agriculture subsidy, small business grants. When will poor people stop selling five years of suffering for a $200 vote where plp, ppl, uwp, slp. when?

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