PM Discussing Coronavirus Health Clearance Protocols With Cruise Lines

Press Release:-  The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia is currently in Miami with the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Sharon Belmar – George and Chief Environmental Officer Parker Ragnanan for a meeting with Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean chief operating executives. 

The objective of the meeting is to establish a Health Clearance Protocol between the Ministry of Health and the Cruise Lines amidst the growing threat and transmission of the COVID-19 in the Caribbean and Latin America. 

On the agenda is the discussion of  mutual concerns in relation to the measures and policies that the Government of Saint Lucia have enforced to ensure the health and safety of the population and to reduce the entry and impact of COVID-19. 

This meeting forms part of Saint Lucia’s risk management and preparedness strategy as the nation continues to mitigate against the arrival of the virus. 

Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet is expected to return to Saint Lucia on Saturday 7th March, 2020.

Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation Honourable Guy Joseph will serve as Acting Prime Minister in his absence. 


  1. Now please screen the three officials for Covid-19 coronavirus in accordance with health clearance protocols on their return to the island!

  2. And Chastenet will be like “we have an island called rat island and we will use it to qua…”
    Chatenet get the *#@! out of here!

  3. It’s better off shore on Rat Island than on Jerremie Street or on your door step. I guess Chas will
    get blame when ever he opens his mouth. This thing is more dangerous than anyone thinks, so
    lets not play politics with the visitation of this evil. People should start eating better foods, lots of fresh
    fish,Oranges and bananas in abundance, eat local produce, cut down on imported and canned goods.

    • He gets the same as he gave to Dr. Anthony. There is no free lunches here. He makes an asinine statement and he will be called out for it. Full stop!

  4. A**hole must be your first middle and last name, a**hole a**hole a**hole and if you just happen to have two middle names it’s a**hole again

  5. we are going through such and st lucians are fighting for a man whp prefers a dronk than to attend a meeting and then use other monies that we do mot jave to go to a similar meeting.
    Stop being asses and start thinking about the future of the poor man in st. lucia.

  6. Why dont you haters shut the ffffffff up. Everything is politics. Go get some lime and ginger to help you stay alive.😷

  7. They cant sail because nobody is buying tickets,so just dock your boats and wait for better times.I guess nobody told them that all sporting shows in stadiums will be called of,NBA is talking of games with out fans as well as NHL.We are going to get wiped out if we dont get active

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