PM Expresses Gratitude For Japanese Assistance

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has has expressed Saint Lucia’s  ‘sincerest gratitude’ for Japan’s generousity and assistance to this country.

Chastanet expressed his gratitude in a post on his official Facebook Page after welcoming Japan’s new Ambassador Designate to Saint Lucia, His Excellency Tatsuo Hirayama.

“Since establishing diplomatic relations in January of 1980, Saint Lucia and Japan have shared a philosophical common ground on major issues, particularly the reform of the United Nations, the sustainable use of whale resources, international security, peace building measures and fisheries,” the PM observed.

“Our two island nations also share a similar development outlook, primarily as both countries are highly susceptible to unexpected natural disasters and the effects of climate change,” Chastanet noted.

He recalled that over the years, Saint Lucia has benefited from tremendous support from Japan which includes technical training, JICA-JOCV which has dispatched over 100 volunteers  here since 1995, Grant Aid and emergency response vehicles.

According to the Saint Lucia PM, most recently Japan has donated US $1.79 Million for use in Saint Lucia’s Agriculture/Fisheries sector.

He revealed that  over the coming days, Japan will be providing grant funding for work done at the Rivere Doree Anglican School.



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