Sunday, November 17, 2019

PM: Extend A Hand In Friendship And Love

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has called on Saint Lucians to extend a hand of friendship and love as the country observes Christmas.

“Extend a hand in friendship and love and let us all make our lovely island of Saint Lucia, and the world, a better place,” Chastanet urged in a Christmas message posted on his official Facebook page.

“As we gather today with family and friends, let us remember the reason for this season — a time for giving and sharing. And although we may extend ourselves by offering gifts and special greetings let us not forget the other times of the year when we should be just as caring and loving to all Saint Lucians and our fellow man,” the Prime Minister wrote.

He observed that during this past year  “we have endured the trials and tribulations of life and are reminded every day of the importance of family and friends.”

According to the PM, the joy shared with others is a magnificent testimony to the benefit of mutual respect and understanding.

He described those qualities as being critical for coexistence in true harmony.

“On this glorious day let us give thanks, not just for all the food and drink we share, but for the opportunity to have loved ones near. And even though the miles may be between those whom you may want to see, I am sure memories of the good times spent on other occasions will warm your hearts with love,” he stated.

“Let us not forget that Christ, whose life and teachings are an example for us all to follow, is the foundation of the Christmas season,” Chastanet said.

He also called on his countryman to not forget the sick and shut in, declaring that  they too are family and friends.

“To all Saint Lucians at home and abroad, my family and I extend Christmas wishes to you and your families, wherever you may be.My love goes out to all Saint Lucians as we celebrate during this festive season  and I look forward to the New Year with great excitement and anticipation as we journey together,” Chastanet wrote on his Facebook page.

The post was accompanied by a photo of the Prime Minister and his family.

The photo caption read: “Merry Christmas and God’s richest blessings for the New Year from our family to yours. From Raquel, Rhyan, Braden and I.”




  1. Mr. PM, it would be an amazing gesture if you extend a hand if love to members of the opposition. This will go a long way in bringing harmony and cohesion to the country. Of course you have to follow this up by genuine actions towards peace and conciliation. Have a blessed Christmas.

  2. How can we extend a hand of friendship and love when we don’t have work or money this Christmas. All the work in St Lucia is for Guy Joseph family and friends and the balance is for foreigners. Mr PM you make no sense. St Lucians have regretted the action we took 2 1/2 years ago.

  3. bread and circus politics…St. Lucians still make gods of men ….let them eat cake…ehmmm… thick slice of white cake!

  4. Why did u give the country away to the Chinese? Is it because that u are white and rich and that u do not care for the negroes of the land? You’re not st Lucian. How can u give the Land for 99yrs to the Chinese? Is the land of st.lucia belongs to u? Did u ask the people? Why is only 100 St Lucian employed by the Chinese to build that destructive thing called pearl for China ( Caribbean)? Mr Prime Minister, you know this will only bring pollution, prostitution and crime on our beautiful. Why did u do this? Why do the Chinese have so much say in our county? WHY DID U SALE ST LUCIA FOR 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Is it because that you can retire to Canada because u have gotten property here? WHY DO U HAVE THE PEOPLE IN THE DARK? ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? Everyone is laughing at us. VOMIT

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