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PM Gives Thumbs Down To Jeannine Compton As SLNT Executive Director

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has not consented to the appointment of Jeannine Compton as Executive Director of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT), it has been disclosed.

“We did write asking for his approval for the appointment of Jeanine Compton as  Director and he indicated that he would not approve,” Chair of the SLNT, Allison King explained.

King told reporters that Compton was selected after a rigorous process from a strong slate of candidates.

The SLNT official said Compton meets the requirements for the position.

“We feel quite strongly that she should be allowed to operate within a senior position at the National Trust, so we have decided that we will be taking Miss Compton on in a senior position while we continue to advocate for her appointment to the position of director,” King said.

“We can’t appoint her unless we have his approval. We have asked and we will continue to ask for a rational reason as to why she should not be appointed and we will have to decide how we should structure the organsiation with that constraint going forward and that is something we continue to deliberate on,” she told reporters.

“It’s going to occupy a lot of our time at the next council meeting. We need to be in a position where we have someone always functioning in the position of Director, or able to fulfill those functions in a reasonable way,” King asserted.

She stated that Bishnu Tulsie, who has served in the position since 2005, will continue to be the director until the end of January 2020.

“We have the option of further extending that – subject to his agreement,” she explained.

According to the SLNT, Tulsie wishes to retire.

Jeannine Compton is the daughter of former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Sir John Compton and is a Marine Biologist by profession.


  1. “……….the daughter of former St.Lucia Prime Minister, Sir John Compton………”
    What is wrong with you people? does that qualify anyone to be favoured for anything at all?
    The daughter, the son, cousin or friend? will St.Lucians ever peel off the Scales of dead colonialism
    and rather clothe themselves with the present reality of the world we have evolved into, and be proud of it.
    Are we stuck in a time zone, can’t move forward and tell me, there’s non else on the Rock equally qualified?

      • I hope you’re not suggesting that a marine biologist is qualified for job functions more suited for an archaeologist.

    • Yes it had to have been mentioned in the event the name rang a bell of familiarity to those who may not know what we are dealing with. Not everyone knows or remembers who Jeanine Compton is. Her deceased father’s position is yet to gain her any degree of popularity as have been proven and I believe she is fully aware and I don’t think she cares half as much. She is a marine biologists and as with such a designate it would contradict our PM’s personal mandate.

    • #TheFox, is your understanding failing you? Did you not see the line “The SLNT official said Compton meets the requirements for the position”? Or are you just up to mischief?

  2. In moving forward we need to put a lot of things behind our backs. As long as an individual is qualify for a position, I believe that he or she should fill in that position. Political affiliations and family ties should not be used as a bench mark, to deprive a fellow country man from taking care of his/her family.

  3. The woman is fully qualified for the position…but yet still we have a bus driver as a parliamentarian…cons of a feather stick together .Chastanet you must pay

    • What’s wrong with a bus driver being a parlimenatian? We’ve had surgeons as presidents who done shitty jobs. We’ve had bus drivers who became presidents who fought for the poor and against corporatism. Anyone can be a crook.

      • Absolutely! Anyone can be a crook and a conman! Therefore high ethical standard and a social conscience should be central requirements.

      • Anonymous, you miss the point completely. The point is if a bus driver with no qualifications can be a parliamentarian and no qualification in economic affairs, can be Minister of economic development, why can’t a well trained marine biologists with international experience, not get a job as Executive Director of SLNT? That’s the point Maria is making. But with you preschool mentality you fail to get it.

      • @Yes side. Perhaps you are unaware of the mission of the Trust: “to conserve the natural and cultural heritage of Saint Lucia”. Perhaps you are unaware of the skills set of a marine biologist: the scientific study of marine life, organisms in the sea. Perhaps you think that a marine biologist automatically qualifies to be an archaeologist/anthropologist. Perhaps your google-fu is lacking and couldn’t do a basic search. More likely though, you’re an !diot.

  4. If she meets the job requirements then should be appointed. We are still visited by political pettiness, personal vendettas and tribal delineations.
    I got turned off by the guy earlier this month when I caught him misleading the public.

  5. She is dam qualified so give her the job.Please stop invoking petty old time politics in her appointment.

  6. She may be qualified and capable to do the job. I don’t know. However, with cronyism such a big part of how we like to do things around here resulting in so many squire pigs in round holes someone can have doughts if she was the most capable of the applicants.

  7. She is not qualified? Yet still we have a bus driver with a hard and unpolished accent, stealing money left and right, and thinking a JACKASS like he knows all? Come people wake up. Chastanet has that colonial blood running through his veins

  8. Are we looking for an advocator or a fighter? Will diplomacy be thrown out the door? Is this really the most suited person to develop the interest of the SLNT? Doesn’t one of the major roles of the position involve government negotiations? How does this candidate put the best foot of the SLNT forward?

  9. My goodness, SLNT needs to improve the image of the Trust as an organization hijacked by a bunch of persons pushing political agendas.

    • What political agenda ? Jeanine last run as an independent and she obviously has strong ties to the UWP and no relations to the SLP. So she was chosen to appease the PM wit her UWP links also her occupation is relevant to the organization. The SLNT has not been Hijack by anyone stop pushing your party political agenda.

  10. Ti Chas knows he can’t push Compton around. She would make a better prime minister than Chastanet any day. Our birthright must be preserved by any legal means necessary.

  11. Cold Sunday morning drinking tea, lol with that said…shall put in my 2 cents. Truth be told…such a position is the highest to be hold logically…whomever runs the trust holds St. Lucia by the balls. Lol however many are not a wear of such position. Out of respect would have given Campton daughter any position she desires. “Qualifications” lol at the end of the day the most she would be doing is negotiations….she would not be running the day to day operations. PM just might want a hold of this trust via “Appointee”. This woman should be appointed with no issues….politics runs in her blood. Her father being the most beloved PM we had to date should be all the qualifications she needs. PM appoint her, or you shall not last too long…1 more term at best. Please don’t make such come back to bite you Mr. PM. What would you have done if Campton was still alive. Believe you PM Chest owe PM Compton that much by mentoring you into a PM. #Appointment Approved

  12. The lady is qualified,she was part of a large list of posible candidates,she has a degree as a marine biologist.If the trust believes she is capable that is enough.What degree does our PM have.We have taxi drivers that became PM for days,And we are still suffering the consequences,from all this mediocrity in parliament.Our PM scared the lady will teach him how to manage his bussines.No dolphins to start your back side

  13. Birds of a feather flock together!seems like a backlash for when she accused the minister of sexual harrassment.

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