PM: Government Seeking To Ensure All-Inclusive Resorts Do Not Dominate

In announcing several Investment projects planned for 2019, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has stated that the government seeks to ensure that all-inclusive resorts do not dominate the hospitality sector.

In a recent post on his official Facebook page, Chastanet said as the Government of Saint Lucia moves to ensure that the benefits of the expanding tourism industry accrue to all nationals, a concerted effort is underway to balance the product offering in the sector.

He disclosed that pending tourism investment projects include the rebranding of the Rex Properties at Rodney Bay.

The PM also said that the Rex Saint Lucian is to undergo reconstruction.

“The Rex Company is now in a joint venture with the Sunwing Travel Group,” he stated.

According to Chastanet, government has insisted that the resort be based on the European Plan which is priced only for lodging.

“We have agreed in principle to renew the lease on the property on the condition that the resort is built to be a 4.5-star product or higher, that has a significant EP component. Government will not support an exclusive all-inclusive hotel on that site because of the existing commercial entities in the area,” the former Tourism Minister explained.

He revealed that Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) has completed transactions with a Barbadian-based firm to buy the lands at Choc for a 400-room Hyatt Hotel, which will be a mixture of the European Plan and all inclusive,with construction  due to begin in the second half of 2019.

The PM observed that Invest Saint Lucia has also signed with the GP Group for the development of a Marriott Courtyard Hotel and Conference facility at Pointe Seraphine, with construction earmarked to begin in February 2019.

“In addition to building yachting facilities in Phase One, Phase Two will involve redeveloping Pointe Seraphine with shops on the ground floor and office spaces upstairs. The aim is to get greater utilization of that prime piece of land. Dedicating it to the cruise industry by itself will not be sufficient for economic sustainability,” the Facebook post said.

It added that on the local investment front, Saint Lucia Distillers is to undertake an upgrade of its plant and the development of a tourist attraction at a cost of $30 million.


  1. Not a too smart PM. 1.5 billon of foreign direct investment, I am still waiting. Keep lying next election we will deal with you and the UWP.

  2. The PM believe that tourism is the panacea for all the country’s economic woes. So he puts all his eggs in the tourism basket. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the profits is repatriated to the homelands of the foreign investors. The foreign hoteliers exploit local laborers. Consequently, national security, healthcare, education, agriculture are being sadly neglected. Too many sweetheart deals with these foreign gluttons. One pocketed $25 000 000 of the people’s money.

  3. Talk, talk.and more lies. That is all this prime minister is good for,Two and a half years what do you have to show, N O T H I N G, PHUCKORL..

  4. Well well I guess the talking phase might soon be over but the only thing I hope is if the development phases kick in and people start seeing the proof in the eating I hope they don’t start calling him the bright P.M and his party the workers and not the 43%. Because he was head of the O.E.C.S and after his term ended in fact I not once heard anyone complain or say that his ideas weren’t good. As a matter of fact he was praised by Didicus Jules and the rest for what he did during the hurricanes and all. But I guess we only run down people based on hatred. Anyway I want him to succeed not based on me supporting him but based on all the odds being against him and all those negative haters giving beams. The Light shall shine one day and the truth shall be seen.

    • Anybody with an analytical mind can see that the country is heading in the wrong direction. Unemployment remains unacceptably high, national security is a big mess, healthcare is abominably awful, education leaves much to be desired, and the economy is anemic. The problem with people like you, whenever citizens express their genuine concerns about the government’s follies, you perceive them to be anti-government. In truth and in fact, the government’s performance thus far is very disappointing and worrying. In today’s world, truth has become hate speech.

  5. I’m awaiting plans for the land. Agriculture, the backbone of a Caribbean island. Our strength, the only thing that will begin to bring some relief. I’m so disappointed, as a little girl, I saw Agriculture make a huge difference in this country, now it’s dead in my opinion. I watched farmers raise big families only doing farm work, but now that I’m a woman, I see farming and farmers struggling, barely making ends meet. Are we regressing? I look forward to a difference in Agriculture. We have the land and the fields lets use it to get out of this depression too.

    • Excellent commentary, Philly. Agriculture should be the main but not the only focus of this country. It guarantees food security and the revenue circulates in the country. In tourism, there are huge leakages of profits to outside sources. The country is blessed with fertile soil, plenty water, all year round sunshine and sufficient labor. This misguided leader and his putty-like Ministers are bent on gambling the country’s future in tourism with champagne deals for wealthy foreign investors.

  6. Whilst the PM doesn’t want the other all inclusive hotels to dominate, that does not apply to Sandals. By the way PM we want to be unionized at Sandals. Sandals is abusing us we need help.

  7. The only thing our PM can talk about has to do with the hotel bussines and tourism.All the rest is no,no for him.He defends his Hotel and his friends.But dont ask him about our minimun wage.labour laws,unionizing of all our workers?.Why are we having young hotel workers,suffering from stress and heart issues,how many 25 year old ladies and men having strokes and cardiac arrest in our hotel industry,and we dont hear a word from the health practicioners,and our hospitals.? Are we keeping silent,because we scared,scared of what?

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