PM Has High Hopes For Reconstructed St Jude Hospital

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has expressed the hope that when when completed in 2020, the reconstructed St Jude Hospital will erase the sad memories of the last 10 years that resulted in the medical institution having to operate from a sports stadium.

Chastanet made the comments on his official Facebook after after officially welcoming Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen who arrived here Wednesday on a state visit.

The Saint Lucia PM and President Tsai participated in a sod turning ceremony for the St Jude Hospital reconstruction project which will be partially funded by the Taiwanese government.

The original St Jude Hospital was destroyed in a devastating 2009 fire that claimed the lives of three patients.

Prime Minister Chastanet recalled that from almost day one after the fire, Taiwan has been in the forefront of providing grant and loan assistance to Saint Lucia to finance the rebuilding of the medical facility.

“Though we have had a series of setbacks and challenges along the way, that have caused frustration to both our government and our people as well as to those who had offered a hand in helping us cope with the fallout from the disastrous fire, we are motivated to deliver a new, state of the art hospital to the people of the south once and for all,” he declared.

“As such, Government has appointed Taiwanese Construction firm Overseas Engineering Construction Company (OECC) to be the main contractor to execute this project and given their experience in construction and in building hospitals, we are confident that they will deliver this project on time and within budget,” Chastanet stated.

The St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project will deliver a 90-bed facility that will cater for both inpatient and outpatient services, he noted.

The PM observed that it will comprise a new wing to incorporate all the functions and services of the existing East and Surgical Wings; inter- connected two-storey structures to be erected on the left- hand side of the entrance to the existing site; integration through retrofitting of some existing buildings to achieve a fully functioning hospital to match the services of a level 4 facility; and revision of the internal layout of buildings to be integrated for functional efficacy and compliance to minimum standards.

“I would again like to place on record my government’s appreciation for the patience and cooperation of the doctors, nurses and staff of St Jude during these very difficult 10 years and to promise them that we are now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us all keep the faith and look to the future with confidence,” he said.


  1. More bluff from this lying PM. There is no way under the sun that any 90 bed hospital facility will be built and commissioned in one year. That just ain’t gonna happen. Trying to fool St. Lucians again. Your luck has run out.

  2. “Integration through RETROFITTING of some existing buildings” BUNCH OF JOKERS is that all she wrote ?? So for the past 2 yrs yu’ll couldn’t have done this AND ADD THE WING LATER ?? Teefing G.U.Y. spend 1 million of our tax money to study and couldn’t figure this out ?? or did they ?? BUNCH OF JOKERS. Lucians are not stupid the reason why they want a new wing instead of “RETOFITTING” on what they inherit is the same cause they use to fool the people that we need to borrow 100million for a new airport instead of leasing with upgrade TO GET THEIR HANDS ON THE MONEY

  3. It might just end up being very possible cause it won’t have labour to stop it and then start rebuilding it with their mp using the material to build his home. You all prefer seeing people fail at the detriment of an entire country and it’s future. It’s called evil and wickedness God is in charge and what has to be will be and that includes election in next couple years where he will appoint whosoever he desires.

    • What are you on about ? this administration is the only government administration that stop construction on St.Judes. Stop lying or are you part of the 43% ?

  4. 07/18/2019
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  5. Your administration stopped the construction for over 3 years and did a 1 million dollar audit report. Which yall hide because it says nothing was wrong with the buildings.

  6. Mr. PM, you are a joker; who then must build the hospital if not the government? you did promise us that during your election campagne, so deliver and stop joking! even though you called us names; do we look like fools to you? Stop your talk man, and move it! no need to call you names, of course you know who you are! excuse me SIR!

  7. This is a re-election joke. Three years have gone by. Sounds like the election machinery is being oiled so as to begin fooling st lucians. Why wasn’t all that brouhaha about the st. Jude’s hospital reconstruction started earlier.

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