PM Holds Talks With Republic Financial Holdings

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, this week concluded a meeting with executives of Republic Financial Holdings Limited.

The meeting followed the announcement in November last year that Scotiabank planned to sell its operations in Saint Lucia and 8 other Caribbean countries to that company.

Chastanet  disclosed on his official Facebook page that he was accompanied to the meeting with Republic Financial Holdings Limited officials by Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Bradly Felix and Director of Finance Cointha Thomas.

He said should the Scotiabank sale be finalised, Republic Bank has agreed to several measures, including that all staff of Scotiabank will remain employed with Republic Bank with their salaries being unaffected.

In addition, town Hall meetings and a comprehensive Public Relations campaign will be conducted to educate staff, the business community and the general public of the benefits of this move and to address their concerns.

“Republic Bank will continue it’s fantastic track record of fulfilling it’s Corporate Social Responsibility via their program called “The Power to Make a Difference” which focuses of 4 specific areas which are Youth Development, Poverty Alleviation through training programs, Assistance for differently-abled persons and Protection of the environment,” Chastanet’s Facebook page noted.


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