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Updated on June 5, 2020 6:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 6:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 6:29 am

PM In Talks With Swiss University To Set Up Campus In Saint Lucia

Press Release:– Discussions are ongoing between Saint Lucia and Lausanne University about starting up a satellite facility in Saint Lucia.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet met with the head of Lausanne University while in Switzerland. It is hoped that the university will serve not only Saint Lucia, but the rest of the Caribbean.

“Given the immigration difficulties that other people are facing to get into the United States of America and the growth of tourism in this region, we believe that having a high-quality tertiary-level facility in Saint Lucia would be fantastic. What’s great about the curriculum at Lausanne is that it is fully integrated both in academics as well as practical skills; and we can provide opportunities for young people to intern at hotels as well as the cruise industry.”

Prime Minister Hon. Chastanet anticipates that representatives from the university will visit Saint Lucia later this year.

“The DSH project is actually building a 230 room hotel specifically as a university hotel. Once the Lausanne group sign-on they will proceed to build the property. They have seen the design and have already worked with the DSH group in Switzerland. Lausanne and Teo Ah King have been working for the last four years so I want to thank him for the opportunity for this new development.”


  1. WTH! Now what’s going to happen to SALCC? Already struggling for 💰 and now you actually thrusting in the death nail into the coffin. Why not invest more in the institution (financial and otherwise) so the quality programs and infrastructure which we seek can become a reality.

  2. SALCC refused to grow….Chas does not have time to convinpluce them to do so….hurdles are crossed by not even jumping

    • Refuse to grow? Do you know why SALCC is the condition that it is? Do you know what you are talking about?

  3. This PM is ridiculously stupid. You couldn’t make UWI set up here, now you in talks with Switzerland. What a fella

  4. ” … What’s great about the curriculum at Lausanne is that it is fully integrated both in academics as well as practical skills; and we can provide opportunities for young people to intern at hotels as well as the cruise industry.”…” What “other practical skills” is Chas on about? Instead of building up SALCC (named after a son of the soil), why – oh why – bring in a foreign University? I fail to see the logic here! Somebody help me here ….

    • Hee naww of course you fail to see the logic. Like so many others and been misled. The treaty your precious government signed with master con man Theo King states that all sales generated from the sale of any investment by DHS GOES to DHS not the government of St Lucia. Yup it’s in black and white. Anything to do with DHS the government gets no profit no profit sharing nothing until 99yrs. So stop been fooled by your party and PM.. You should ask to view the contract good luck with that.

      • @LucianHighgrade -I never mentioned anything about “DHS” – your reply to my comment makes no sense and bears no relation. Talk about being “misled”!

  5. For example Grenada has a community college as well as an American owned university (i.e. St. Georges University) which contributes significantly to Grenada’s economy. Why can’t St. Lucia have a Swiss university – tell me, what is wrong with that?? Wouldn’t that not be yet another foreign investment in St. Lucia generating jobs and providing broader educational opportunities for our population which would assist with our economic development???????????????

    • These other guys are short sighted like their past leader who will never lead this country again. Teo Ah Khing have been speaking to the university for 4 years now. Do you know who was in government 4 years ago. He said nothing. Hope everything comes through. You guys can’t stop it. Scared of progress

      • Truth being told, I look forward to the day that you will make one sensible contribution to this forum. Trust me I will celebrated since it will suggest that you are finally graduating from your deep level ignorance.

    • The difference is if you could have comprehended properly is the Grenada has a medical institution whilst your PM is bringing one to train you to work at hotels and slave on cruise ships.

    • Don’t forget 3/4 of Saint Lucians population is ignorantly spoilt. Any initiative should be geared at the new crop of citizens. Those other gilligans continue to make stlucia look like they are still Cooking on stones. Facebook need to have a requirement For the use of their social medium.

  6. So we gave Teo Ah King our passport money for his DHS project and now we campaigning for people to fill his hotel if and when he builds it. Eh bien!! And all Saint Lucians sit still and take the abuse.

  7. This PM has been talking big but nothing to show for it. Remember the $1.2 billion Foreign direct investment by January 2018 well for that year it was actually $ 33 million US. If this university statement is true it will be good news for st.lucians.

  8. To all those with the bright idias do you’ll have any thing to offer our saint Lucians instead of distroyin what you’ll can’t build .cheep talk just to make people believe that you’ll know so much.. cretisizing everything that is going to happen condemning everything that’s not going to happen complaining everything that about to happen. Like Sir John said if he had to listen to oposit people saint Lucia would not have been where it is today.

    • Keep fighting for your bread. Others are fighting for what’s in their best interest. Some of you all on both sides. don’t t give a damn about the country, as long as the bread is buttered.

    • MrJoe, have you realized that there are primary school students who write much better than you. Your writing and points makes it clear that you are part of the 43% preschool club. I hope parents get their children to refrain from reading your comments in order to save them from your slaughtering of the English language.

      • Its now about English and who belongs in preschool now ain’t it? When your points are weak you look to criticize someone’s use of English. Stop this bullish behavior. Since you so bright do you know how many dialects of English exists?

  9. PM Chastanet you have my full support you are looking after the affairs of the Country, I AM VOTING

  10. While I welcome the opportunity of a new university what I have an issue with is it seems that all the focus is placed on tourism. Why not try to attract technical institutions which will help the MANY, students obtain the bachelors, masters, and doctorate in mechanics, Architecture, electrical, and the many engineering fields available. we have much more to offer in slu than being servants to guests at hotels

    • Well said but the fools won’t see it that way or they cant read. They hear university and they turn to monkeys.

  11. is the uwi a prestigious university?. have any major entrepreneur graduated from uwi campuses..any major scientist…univ of the west indies to me is a sub par university….you woukd need further accreditation if you were to work or transfer to europe or the rhe prime minister is doing a fantastic job

    • Not true. The UWI degree is highly regarded especially in Europe. Do some reading sir to find out the many successful people who went to UWI and the ranking of UWI internationally. Check your facts thinktank.

      • Why are you responding to that jackass. This guy is so uninformed I wonder if he reads anything other than on this platform, maybe the STAR newspaper. Students come from the USA, Canada and Britain to study at UWI this is how well recognized and respected it is.

    • “thinktank ” you should rename yourself “Empty tank” for the nonsense you posted here. You certainly know nothing about UWI and the ranking of Universities. For you to put down an institution that has contributed so much to the region just to be able to make a petty political point is very shameful on your part. Are you even aware that Sir Arthur Lewis served as the first West Indian Principal and first Vice Chancellor of UWI?

      • Ignorance is bliss in this country and we wonder why we are where we are? It is because of brainless people like “think/empty tank. Does not conduct a shred of research but spews garbage

    • Joe Schmoe it seems you and MrJoe are in a misspelling competition. MrJoe has 5/78 =6.4% misspelt words. You have 1/12 = 8.33%. You have won. Congratulations!!!
      Of course, if it is on the basis of inability with sentence construction and putting ideas together then MrJoe has won. Then again that might be because you have two simple sentences.
      So the results:
      Misspelling – Joe Schmoe
      Bad sentence Construction – MrJoe
      Agreeing to stupidity – A tie
      Displaying ignorance – A tie
      Overall performance – A tie
      Congratulations to both of you!!!!

  12. It’s really sad when so many Lucians at continuously fighting against progress. Whenever something good like this comes along they’re spending all their time fighting to hold back progress. Fighting to maintain the status quo, and then complaining about it, instead of just trying to work to achieve something better

  13. Well said Mr Joe and polue bwa you are also correct. Its a shame that some st Lucia’s are so blinded by politics that they don’t even recognize what’s good for them. Another thing is the culture that everyone is an expert on everything. They know how this should have been done and how that should have been done. Everyone seem to be a builder,an economist,a politician,a Doctor etc. Gosh! Leave the subject to the expert and shut your mouth on social media. Stop exposing your ignorance to the public!!! Omg its sickening!!!,

  14. Bible in a Year
    September 22
    New Testament Verse of the Day:
    “I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the smallest detail of God’s law will disappear until its purpose is achieved.”
    –Matthew 5:18

  15. Sometimes when I see what passes for discourse I wonder whether we ever stop to thing outside of the political hack box, and be objective in our reasoning. O.K. so SALCC is not doing well for whatever reason/s including lack of Government funding, I have no reservations on calling out the Politicians in both the present and previous administrations for their lack of foresight, and their failure to do everything humanly possible to ensure that the Institution become and remain a viable entity doing St. Lucia proud. This present administration now holds the reins so it is their responsibility, but it does not not absolve the Labour administrations of the past from failures connected with the institution, not we as a people the collective responsibility to put pressure on our elected representatives whether from our supported party or the other.

  16. The SALCC did not by happenstance get to the dire situation once the present Government hot into Office, It has been a nightmare in the making for decades now. But having said all of this, I fail to understand the rational that we we should not have another University set up shop as it would put a nail in the SALCC coffin, unless of course Government would be taking resources which should be earmarked for SALCC to subsidize or fund the other entity. Do we ever stop to think, that perhaps with other institutions setting up shop might well work to the advantage of the SALCC. The the SALCC may be forced to up their game to remain relevant, the Government may be force to up the support of the institution even if for “political expediency”. In the business world competition can serve to drive down market prices, level playing fields, and provide better quality of goods and services as well a wider variety of goods. What makes us think in the world of academia it is any different, wherein by the way academia is often the driving force business depends on to strive in a free market environment. Why must we always be negative, and critical of things simply because we do not like the person who is proposing the idea, or looking to make it happen. It is this type of mentality that has crippled our development for too long. When Politicians are no longer at the helm they do their best to sabotage the efforts of those at the helm for the short term goal of being back at the Helm.

  17. . I have yet to see the situation where an opposition party Galvanize the people to support a Government position because it is right for the nation, yet they very things they shot down in opposition they seek to implement under different guises when they assume the rein of governance and all of a sudden their hacks and minions think it such a novel idea. It really speaks to our mentality as a people, forever divided by petty party politics forever played by our poppet masters, who believe it is they alone have the answers despite their dismal failures when at the helm. These only care about their self given importance and indispensability to the nation as opposed to the true development of our people and country. to put it as I heard quoted by such a one “St. Lucia needs me more than I need it”. and another “anything the happens in St. Lucia happens in my name”. All Garbage, for the moment our sun sets we become irrelevant to the movement and growth of the nation, and the sun will not set for the nation because we cease to exist. There will always be leaders whether more competent or less to take our place and they will be no more or less indispensable. We all come for a time, we either make a positive contribution or no notable contribution and then like a vap we are gone. Ask Compton, and Odlum if you dare or can and you will realize we have continued to survive as a nation without them and so will we after, Allen, Phillip, Kenny and the rest have sailed into the sunset. Our children will however be left to reap the harvest of our collective stupidity unless we change and begin to be objective and as a people support the things that are in our collective interest regardless of which political party proposes it.

  18. I think the theo king China deal is forked up and chas has already sold st lucia to the chinese for 100 years. i think u people should worry about that. now they want to bring in a no name university to the island. you people are gone and done with uneducated fools making stupid decisions again and again without sought after and sound advice. good thing, i will be taking another passport soon and my kids will not leave with these stupid and crazy decisions. i think their choice will be to stay where they are. it pains me to say this, but electing stupid leaders either SLP or UWP, have a high price. smart people leave.

  19. Honestly, If it were possible to read some comments whilst gnashing my teeth, I would surely gnash my teeth – to the gum. I can’t believe what passes for discourse on this forum but like Voltaire I would say, ‘ I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ But having said that, is it such a horrible idea to have a foreign University set up in Saint Lucia…I mean , if the level of discourse on this forum be any measure, I would say, indeed bring on the University to teach our people to think critically and rationally. Oh how our Nation suffers for lack of broader thinking.

  20. Great you are all stirred up.The Swiss or the Viking blood are not like the coolies or chinito .Another university welcome ,the more the better. we have to eliminate that 43%.As long as we dont have to pay.

  21. All people that are there criticizing. Does SALCC offer any University degree in hospitalities in St. Lucia? Not surprised that the Nay Sayers would find that an institrution which offers degree would compete with one that offers associate degrees.

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