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Updated on June 6, 2020 12:29 am
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PM Issues COVID-19 Warning: ‘Don’t Let Your Guard Down!’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has  warned his countrymen not to let their guard down in relation to COVID-19.

Chastanet issued the warning as he declared  that Monday, May 18, 2020 is a milestone for Saint Lucia as the country began to open up to more operations and activities locally.

But he made it clear that for at least the next several months, in the absence of a vaccine,  the country must begin learning to co-exist with COVID-19.

“This means going about our daily lives whilst following the various safety protocols which will minimize our chances of catching or spreading the virus,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

He asserted that he new normal for the foreseeable future means wearing masks in public, practicing physical distancing, frequent sanitization of work spaces and  hands and the practice of self isolation if people develop symptoms associated with COVID-19.

“As your Government, we have and will continue to make the investments into our nation’s health care system to help manage any potential outbreak of COVID-19,” he declared.

“We have established the 5 respiratory clinics across the island, brought in support from Cuba to assist our local physicians, established Victoria Hospital as a dedicated Respiratory Hospital, allocated resources to help with testing along with the procurement of supplies and equipment needed to manage, treat and protect our front liners and citizens from the virus,” Chastanet explained.

“We have also developed an alert system which will help guide Government on the various measures which need to be taken in the event of future confirmed cases. This will be combined with the use of an Application using geolocation which will help us with contact tracing to help isolate cases as quickly as possible,” the PM disclosed.

“If we are to remain successful in this war against COVID-19, we need your continued cooperation, assistance and vigilance,” he said.

“Though we are currently at 100% recovery, as long as the virus is alive in this world, we must continue to live under the assumption that COVID-19 is potentially 6 feet away. Don’t let your guard down. Now more than ever, your family and your country needs you!” Chastanet concluded.


  1. of course we wont let our guard down…not me that is…url tired stealing poor man pocket n feeding them with lies….

    • Well I taking the PM advice and not letting my guard down. I fact checking him and all his lies. I not letting my guard down, I watching Guy and Fresh Start. I not letting my guard down, I watching Gale with her brother and uncle on school repairs. I not letting my guard down, I waiting to see a report on how the COVID19 telethon money was spent. I not letting my guard down I need to know about the CIP money. I not letting my guard down I need to know how the IMF US22 million dollars, the World Bank US10 million dollars and the amounts from ECCB and CDB to handle COVID crisis was spent. THANKS PM, I NOT LETTING MY GUARD DOWN.

  2. But won’t we be letting our guard down by opening our borders to tourists next month? Just asking for a friend.

    • Well we have to open we are not Dubai so we can’t stay close forever ; we have creditors yes those IOU’s that Dear Allen went to with his tin cup and all his teeth out they will sooner than later demand payment on their loans. Bank of Taiwan(our good friends) 100 million US the biggest of them all so far , followed by the Caribbean Development Bank, bringing up the rear but will soon surpass everyone else because we are broke so we will have to restructured and refinance our debt with them and put everything under one umbrella will be the International Monetary Fund. They will pay off our creditors, but they will collect 70 cents on every dollar we earned for the next 30 yrs with interest. So what’s our biggest money maker ? Tourism…. so they will give us funds to prop up that (naturally vested interest) and everyone will be beating their chest (they know themselves) on how well we are doing, people are coming down bla bla bla honeymoon capitol of the world, but yet St Lucians are finding it HARDER to make ends meet and cannot understand why but we are doing well. Layoffs and higher VAT but we are doing well (supposedly). Drastic cuts to our civil servants, police, education, and healthcare, it makes no sense we are doing well (supposedly). Tourist are coming down the hotels are full, prosperity, prosperity, prosperity I promise you prosperity and I delivered we are doing well (supposedly) but St Lucians are still finding it HARDER to make ends meet. So their you have it my friend that’s how the cookie crumble soon they will announce we are open and you can come down.

  3. Mr PM, what measures are you and your government putting in place to facilitate the return of St Lucian nationals, particularly students. I can see clearly, the arrangements that are in place for tourists. Why do you dislike St Lucians? What have we done to you?

  4. What a wicked Prime Minister. What a wicked Government. What type of Government leaves its people stranded while making all type of arrangements to allow American Tourists into our country. We are St Lucians Allen not you. We need to get rid of this man St Lucians. He is cruel and uncaring. Never in the history of our country have we seen such a heartless Prime Minister. We will make you pay, St Lucia cannot be a playground for Foreigners, a dumpinggroud for COVID carrying White Americans while our people are left out in the cold like DOGS. God does not like ugly Allen and so he can never like you.

  5. Politicians have to learn to be honest with the public if they are to expect our trust and understanding of the things they say to us.

    All the the issues which were raised by National are sore points. What makes the prime minister believe that we are not deserving of information on those things. He continues to treat the public with disrespect/with disdain.

    It battles me how he either brushes these topics aside, or gives sarcastic ‘stupid’ responses to questions to those concerns.

    And in the same interview, or a day later, he would ‘pretend’ to care about us. Honestly, I just can’t understand this.

    The frontliners in the COVID 19 fight that the PM gives the impression that he cares about are just as equally members of the public, or are spouses, parents and sibblings of other members of the public. You can, therefore, only truly show respect and care for the frontliners if you demonstrate respect and care for us as a people.

    Undoubtedly, the frontliners deserve special commendation at this time. But they are also bothered by the myriad of other issues that the rest of us care about.

    I have relatives who are frontliners in the covid fight, so I know what I’m talking about.


  6. You’re a leader. Help us lead by example. We are to open borders to foreigners and ask for covid credentials, however you do not see it fit to protect the population by also doing your due diligence. If it will become a greater financial burden to perform screenings, think about how much greater the financial burden will be if ONE covid-positive visitor is allowed to spread this infection to persons with whom he/she interacts. We cannot be left with the burden of providing superior hospitality service while policing our guests to adhere to protocols which you don’t see fit to ENFORCE. Please lead by example, even though it is uncomfortable. This is what leadership is about.

  7. When this man talks of vaccines I wonder if he will mandatory inject everyone with this vaccine that bill gates hope kills billions. I know my rights n letting my guard down is letting government tell me what to do n where to go. It’s a flu n not the end of the world as the WHO,Fauci,n bill gates are making out to be. The Pm is not tell people of the dangers ilof wearing a mask that can kill u by inhaling carbon monoxide. I mean look around with all this social distancing n mask wearing. It’s ridiculous. U can’t sanitize your life away…Stop instilling fear in a people who has been taking care of them selves from since they are born. 18 cases of flu n no deaths…I mean come on already. Hurricane season is round the corner let’s see corona stop that…Then let’s see how well social distancing n mask wearing playa out. Masks are for the sick n not the healthy. Now CDC says u can not get this virus on surfaces…Like really. They realize all this sanitization will automatically kill your immune system n then u have a next thing coming.

    We need no vaccine ..All we need is love,hugs, socializing n sun. Boost your immune system because the air is controlled by man n they will do anything to kill us as a people all in the name of power n money. I watch the cmo, chastnet n all of them wearing masks looking ridiculous trying to scare people. That is not what a leader does. Donald Trump has never worn a mask n his land has over a million flu cases…A true leader leads n not followers. We have been taking care of us Allen…Not u. Even if a neighborhood has many flu cases u would never know cause we treat our own. The flu has been there for years n we never close anywhere…So please stop talking like we at war with a super bug n u want to vaccinate everyone.

    • Tuwa moses everything you said making sense…except relating Donald Trump with a true leader!

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