PM Issues Warning to Curfew Breakers

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has warned Saint Lucians that if they do not stop their ‘reckless’ behaviour, the hours of a curfew announced this week will have to extended.

And he had a tough warning for curfew breakers.

According to Chastanet, if curfew breakers are arrested they will not be taken to the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

“We are going to put you in another facility in which everybody who is arrested that night will be together,” he asserted.

“And I cannot assure you that the people who are coming in are not exposed to Corona,” the PM stated.

“So again, why would you want to put yourself through that?” He asked.

The curfew, imposed under a state of emergency imposed this week, will be in force from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am.

Chastanet announced  the measure on Monday during an appearance on the government’s National Television Network (NTN).

He made an impassioned appeal to his countrymen to stop behaving selfishly amid the current COVID-19 crisis.

“I am appealing to all Saint Lucians – let’s work collectively together to enforce this curfew,” he told the nation.

“Let it not be that the police officers have to be around reminding us to  do something to protect ourselves,” the PM stated.

“Let us not unnecessarily expose those police officers,” Chstanet told the nation.

He made the comments against the backdrop of concerns that for some Saint Lucians, it is business as usual despite the Coronavirus crisis.

Last week persons escaped from the Rodney Bay Medical facility where they were in quarantine, but have since returned.

In addition, health authorities have expressed concern that some persons who are supposed to be in ‘home quarantine’ are out and about in public.

Added to that, smugglers are reported to have been facilitating the illegal entry by boat  into Saint Lucia by persons from neighbouring Islands.

Prime Minister Chastanet asserted that the irresponsible behaviour needs to stop.

He said he was appealing to all Saint Lucians to be ‘all in’.

“Stop behaving so selfishly,” the Prime Minister implored.



  1. Please. Law enforcement here have a culture of not enforcing the laws. Everyone knows that this is the Helen of the Wild West. You expect those some police who ignore every infraction to suddenly have the zeal and desire to do the opposite. You really don’t know the calibre of people you’re employing in this country

    • For the first time ever, I agree with all the points made by the not usually bright PM. People must learn to obey the laws of the land and stay in order. We should go further and let them know that not only will they be arrested and put all together but also there should be a heavy fine and confine. Now, regardless the behaviour of the individual police officers, citizens must obey the law.
      However, I have questions for the PM: Why we is the Curfew from 11 pm to 5 am when that’s the period that 90% of St. Lucians are at their homes or in their beds anyway? Why is the curfew later than the curfew of most citizens? Was that time chosen to facilitate big business like the hotels? If people are so few to mix for 75% of 24 hours, how is that solving anything? Have not realize that the more serious islands (in similar conditions as us) have curfew from 7 pm or 8 pm to 5 am?

      • I don’t get that curfew. There are people spreading this with no symptoms chances are before 11 pm. So this curfew is mostly pointless.

  2. The police shouldn’t have to be out there telling people what they should do. We all are aware of the seriousness of covid19 but our st Lucian folk makes everything into a joke as usual. It is not until things hit home that we take it seriously and lay blame on everyone but ourselves….. But then again if churches are being defiant and disobedient, what should we expect from others…in my opinion..the authorities have said o gathering aid there should be no gatherings…a curfew has been set people should adhere to it…case close….it is for our own safety……

    • And herein lies the issue. The police usually don’t enforce non criminal laws. In fact they themselves encourage their friends to do so. You cannot expect those same police to suddenly be a beacon of law and order. People will never respect them as they know their history

      • just saying, let me just tell you: it not about respecting the police; its all about respecting the laws and regulations. Respecting the police and respecting the laws are not the same. I have issues with how SOME officers do they work but I respect the laws of the land.

      • So because the force have unruly officers citizens have the right to behave as they are in this pandemic? @just saying…. I see no light in your statements.. smdh

      • @ Humble Friend. You’re missing the point. The police represent law and order and respect for law and order means respect for the police as a whole. The point I was trying to make is that St. Lucian have a culture of ignoring laws and regulations. You see it everyday. From a vendor in a location where they don’t have permission, to a restaurant discarding garbage willynilly, to a farmer having a pig farm in a residential area, to bars and parties blasting music without permits. And the response from the public when the authorities intervene? Everybody have to eat! You cannot expect that mindset to change because or an epidemic as the rule breaking is culturally embedded.

  3. What’s about the employers that are breaking the law of refusing to shut down the businesses and the police are aware Mr PM

  4. Has Chastanet warn Guy for all the contracts he given to Fresh Start without bidding? Why the law should be for one set and not for the others?

  5. The police should at first sight shoot to kill those who are involve in the smuggling of people from neighbouring island.

    Those who willing decide not to adhere to the curfew should be shoot in the leg and send to their homes to nurse their wounds.

    Come on Police Officers do you all job without fear.

  6. What a great way of inbreeding this virus!…not sure of who’s a carrier but “everyone caught breaking the curfew law will all be put together”,..this is a desperate measure and not a solvable one,..why not find another available closed hotel and confine them individualy,st.lucia is still a democratic country regardless!…every outlaw deserves a sentence but this one doesn’t fit the,s like an instant possible death sentence….now mr.PM recalculate and see if this is making sense!
    Not everyone can afford to stay in as there lots of person who actually has to find their meals on a daily basis(an eye opener to you),be mindful that there are many homeless persons in sweet st.lucia…are measures being put in place to ensure the less fortunate is catered for? far as i see it,s just a bag of lip service with no essential requirements put in place…if this is the measures that are in place and this covid19 is really here…trust me!..we are doomed,..just take a look at our french neighbours,everyone that,s unable is entitle to some assistance from the gov’t yet cases are increasing rapidly…im assuming that adequate measures were not taken responsively and carriers were not detected in a timely manner,oh!.and offcourse martinique has direct affiliation with France one of the Europeans epicenter for covid19.

  7. I don’t think that my fellow St Lucians understands the severity of this virus. I drove pass Jeremie street people are “hanging out” like it’s party time the supermarket lines are extremely long with people only 2 feet away from each other..this is SERIOUS people. Remain indoors. There’s no cure to this Covid-19!! We cannot take care of this virus. Have y’all seen Italy New York…people remain indoors!!!

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