Thursday, October 6, 2022

PM: New Judges, Stronger Laws Coming As Part Of Crime-Fighting

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Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre, declaring a focus on crime-fighting in 2022, has announced that Saint Lucia will strengthen domestic abuse laws and appoint new judges.

“We will take concrete action to reduce the backlog of cases by the appointment of new judges in the criminal justice system. We will strengthen the laws against domestic abuse,” he stated.

The announcement came against the backdrop of a record number of homicides last year.

“We must tackle the effectiveness of crime detection and avoidance,” Pierre said in an address to the nation on Sunday.

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He said this would require new technology, training, and infrastructure.

In this regard, the PM explained that the government would build new facilities for the police in Gros Islet and Castries, provide additional vehicles and equipment monitoring, and boost surveillance through modern technology.

“We will seek to improve police accountability and professionalism and also improve their conditions of work,” he told the nation.

In addition, Pierre said his administration would reinitiate plans to create a new Halls of Justice Complex, separate and distinct from that of the police headquarters.

But he also spoke of the need to address the root causes of crime, explaining that the government will give attention to the social support system, especially regarding human and family.

According to Pierre, one of the challenges facing Saint Lucia is confidence in the rule of law.

He declared that how a country governs sets the tone and tenure for society.

“A corrupt government will beget a corrupt society. We must ensure that justice prevails for all citizens,” the PM stated, adding that there must be consequences for wrongdoing.

As a result,  indicated that the country should not tolerate corruption from anyone, including politicians and public officials.

And he announced that constitutional reform would be on the front burner.

“We are working to bring about Saint Lucia’s ascension to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice. We must not be afraid of our own potential to do great things and trust our institutions,” Pierre added.

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  1. God’s promise to return !
    While we may or may not follow the right rules and investigate certain facts and attempt to live wisely (harmony),yet none of us provide the central way we make sense of our lives ! God’s intention in creation is known ,(but part of his creation has put his plan off course ) Why ???

    Can God regain his realationship with humanity and remove the curse from creation ? Or did God’s enemy (effectively) end the plan and subvert the story.

  2. Hoping that the words spoken by the PM will translate into actions because words are meaningless. Hope the actions will lead to the betterment of this country because things are not good right now and they haven’t been good for a while. It will take a lot of work and sacrifice from all of us to get us on the right track.

  3. A step in the right direction Mr. Prime Minister. At this point, it sounds like a promise and you know the saying which goes with a promise. I can only hope this is not your intention. Can you add a timeline to this plan so we can hold you responsible for these initiatives. I would also recommend some training and incentives for the police. They are humans and we should treat them as such. They can be tempted to accept gifts which can jeopardize the safety of our citizens.

  4. Mr. Pierre you are clueless and unconvincing. You really fooled the people of Saint Lucia and even your supporters are silently ashamed with regret. You will learn not to talk so much. Carry on sir, the nation is waiting and will deal with you accordingly with all the lies, deceit and hopeless promises. Crime……??? you cant even control your own backyard constituency for decades is the country you will handle ?

  5. LH be nice. It’s 2022 not sure if the change of number is suppose to mean something🤷🏾‍♀️😂Anyway🙄why don’t you give Suzanne a gift? I heard you played Santa Claus and you were the Ole years vaval😂😂😂 how many chimneys did you go down? Oh my what am I saying 🤦🏾‍♀️ we’ve only got pit toilets. Oh well it will have to do.

    LH I’m waiting patiently for your PM’s budget not this broken script of false hope.

    So where’s my gift black Santa? I know you got me something. What is it? I’m excited to know.

    Now I know you’re gonna come with your blah blah name calling bs which is okay because it wouldn’t be authentic if it didn’t start out like that.

    I got you a 🎁👉🏾🍼. You’re welcome

  6. Who’s talking? Oh look it’s Philip J Pierre.

    Now now be nice… let’s give the pretend PM a break yeh🙄hmmm maybe not. Philip J Pierre crime has been in existence long before your entire generation. Remember the bible you held in your hand for your photo op🤦🏾‍♀️bruh remember the part that reads Cain killed Abel 🤔well if God didn’t nip it in the bud,you think you can? Everyone is a potential criminal so please put down this script and go do some real ground work and soul searching. We live in a jungle where only the strong survives so this your long speech won’t change a thing. If you truly wanted to make a difference,you would have started with your constituency. Your failed the very people who brings home the bacon for you and your family to enjoy. It’s like paying tithe. The pastor gets fat while his flock starves.

    Let me break it down for you 😏

    The police system feeds off of crime.

    The prison system is a university for criminals.

    The Justice system works for bribes.

    Our lawyers are compramised.

    People are working for peanuts.

    Politicians are bleeders and are some of the most corrupt people in society.. yawnnnnning
    So please stop all this blah blah talk and govern. That’s if you can.

    Putting the people first is too heavy of a slogan for you bruh. Do you even know what it means?

    Sometimes I just have to smh.

    Anyway PIP you’re the star of the show. Same script, different actor.

    @Suzzane you’ve won this thread. How come you may ask? Well dear,you were able to bring out many trolls. By far the most for any comment posted on this medium.

    Here’s a virtual trophy 🏆 for your first scalp. The truth doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. Fuljoy your prize dear because you earned it.

  7. @noboby, listen the very first person to ensure that hatred was made a part of the St Lucian culture was Richard Frederick. His hatred for our previous PM was way beyond dirty, coupled with that was hatred for the CMO that all you RED coolaid drinkers took her to the gutter…you need me to continue???? Think back, this is what has gotten us where we are today!

  8. Lol@SLT’s for politicizing my comment and not publishing it…I guess it was too raw and truthful…all the top notch creebo’s are sparring with RF and even you PJP

  9. Everything is possible with the helping
    hand of God,and nothing can beats a
    trial if we try together in trustworthy.

  10. Susane didn’t say anything wrong. She is right. Why are some bashing her. Criticizing the government does not mean that you are against them. It simply means you do not kiss arse like some of you are doing on here. The arse kissers that are on here.
    According to a saying ” Who have eyes to see let them see, who have ears to hear let them hear”.

  11. Thank you Suzanne for pointing that out. If leaders are not honourable don’t expect the population to be either. Tone is set from the top. Same way you embody many of the mannerisms of those who raise you.

  12. Fool me once not again I was expecting chas or guy to take jail because of all the corruption you said they were engaged in up to now instead your guy’s dismissing their case behind close doors isn’t that corruption man I regret voting for you guys

  13. All those bashing Suzanne are the low lives whose eyes are open but they don’t see. They would rather put the blame on others rather than seeing the root of the problem in the government who is at war for power. Though you acknowledged it pm Pierre you are yet to admit that is the root of this country’s corruption

  14. Pierre, precaution is better than cure yes focus on the social aspects of life in Saint Lucia cause that is where the seed of criminality starts …nip it in the bud and you will surely have a better society and less crime…we need programs for the youth, sports of all kinds that not just to keep the youth playing for playing sake but playing with the end goal of going professional…every Saint Lucian should have a minimum of secondary school level education…time to make Sir Arthur Lewis a fully fledged university…have a program of civic duty and responsibility taught in every school on the island….Now I see you want to facilitate Saint Lucia’s accession to the Caribbean Court of Justice…that is a sure sign Saint Lucia is going Republic….

  15. The losers are getting sorrier by the minute. Shame on them. The losers know themselves. For their information, nothing happens without a plan. The plan can only be executed when there are resources to do so. Wish we had the money wasted on nonessential projects over the years.

  16. Oh boy! A corrupt government will beget a corrupt society. I’m happy you know that. So why did you endorse the behavior of the corrupt member of parliament who attempted to defraud the UK government? Why do you support him in his nepotism and conflict of interest? Why are you Mr PM so weak that you can’t even stand for fairness? Yes yes yes, a corrupt government begets a corrupt society. Charity begins at home, sir.

  17. Well well well what a difference an election makes. A PM talking about crime ??? Missay that foreign to the ears of yellow Johncrows they can’t process it after their Lapo White God did or say nothing for 5yrs….even their Red Devil , their forever nightmare Kenny address crime. Suddenly they’re trying to twist the narrative Oh PIP ” clean your house before you clean mine”. Oh go after the “White collar criminals” they are such a bunch of dutty yellow Johncrows. Prime Minister Pierre keep on Sir doing what needs to be done Loyal to the State St Lucian’s knew why they voted for you.

  18. Society especially politicians have failed our youth. Politicians are fighting each other. No peace no love. They are fighting us if we made a suggestion or comment they disagree with. They are no examples to the youth. They don’t practice neighborly love. They don’t teach our kids to love each other and respect each other. They teach them how to quarrel if someone says something they disagree with or how to take each other to court. Now the complaining about crime. I do not support crime but if they set the example in teaching our youth peace instead of anger. Love instead of court cases then we would be producing a better st Lucia. Let’s all work together in making a difference in 2022 because it is never to late to change for betterment. Let our politicians on both sides be examples to our people especially the youth of this nation. To the young men let me say let this year be the beginning of positive chances in your lives and that of your family. Practice love and always remember don’t do to others what u would mot like someone else to do to you. Let this be your motto this year. Peace and love

  19. Suzanne you need to take out your head from your Ass in that way you’ll see better.Take the beam from your eyes before you take the spark from another’s eye. Hatread is consuming you.

  20. Well it seems like the PM has informed all of his intentions and let’s hope he is successful in implementing the changes. Every PM deserves a chance to make things better for their country.

  21. “A corrupt government will beget a corrupt society”

    Pip has it back-ass-wards, as usual.

    A corrupt society will beget a corrupt government; that’s why this self-evident truth goes like this:

    “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

  22. Suzanne I do agree with you.The PM must first clean his house before he starts cleaning mine.
    There is smoke coming out from both sides of the pm mouth so one is never sure of anything.
    I am one who always want the best for my st.lucia.
    All the best to him.

  23. “We will , ” We will ensure “We will seek” . Philip’s teenage language. The “we will” that will never stop. The “we will that is not guaranteed. Continue to seek Philip but know that even if you seek, you will not necessary find. Same ol campaign words and bluff chant Until I see action, the” we will, the we will seek and so on means nada to many but carry on Philip.

  24. @suzanne yes let’s ignore all the molestation of the minors that have been happening lately, being held at gunpoint, getting traumatized and getting broadcasted on social media when they are kidnapped.
    Let’s ignore the women that have been sexually assault or worse, can’t even walk the streets alone, let’s ignore our people working hard for their cars and being stolen in the night.

    Let’s ignore all the robberies that have been having, even the ones with video evidence. Women being abused by gunman, old men being slammed on the concrete the list goes on.
    I could literally go on all day, this is why people think we are the dumbest country in the world it’s because of people like you that represent us.

    Y’all seeing they doing people pure WICKEDNESS but y’all act so Blind because y’all love watching black people put each other down. That’s why we will never progress, look at how our pm is trying to crack down on crime and you deh like you vex. Smh

  25. @Suzanne. Talk for yourself and not others. honourable PM, we are with you all the way and even though Suzanne does not want to hear, there are hundreds, even thousands, who are interested in what you have to say. All the best to you and your administration as you tackle the ails of this country.

  26. Pierre, first take care of the white collar criminals who form part of your government ministers, or you’re just talking crap, haven’t you noticed Lucians are not interested in whatever you have to say.

    Start with your criminal ministers, they have set very bad situation examples.

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