PM, Opposition Leader Express Condolences After Fatal Shooting Of Police Officer

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and opposition leader Allen Chastanet have expressed condolences after the fatal shooting of police officer Nathan Timaitre after he and a colleague involved in a cash escort were ambushed at Bocage, Castries, on Saturday night.

Timatre succumbed while his fellow officer, identified only as King, was in ‘critical but stable’ condition in hospital.

“To the family of Officer Nathan Timaitre, my sincerest condolences on the loss of such a young, talented life. His service to his country was valued and appreciated. To the members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, please accept my sympathy. The necessary grief support will be provided to you as you mourn the loss of your colleague and friend,” Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre wrote on his official Facebook page.

“To our law-abiding citizens, we ask for your support as we deal with this scourge of crime,” Pierre said.

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“To the criminals, this behaviour will not be tolerated in Saint Lucia. I reaffirm my commitment to providing law enforcement officials with resources that will assist in citizen security. I again call on the High Command of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to use every available measure in our quest for peace,” he declared.

According to the Castries East MP, responsible for National Security, there are no winners in this.

“Our country is at a cross-road and we need to choose the path of peace and prosperity to all. I pledge my unflinching support to the observance of the law and justice for all. May God continue to be our guide,” Pierre noted.

The Prime Minister recalled that Officer Timaitre was part of the Police Guard, which he had the honour of inspecting during the Independence Military Tattoo.

For his part, opposition leader Allen Chastanet described Officer Nathan Timaitre as having been an extremely dedicated and hardworking police officer.

On Facebook, the former Prime Minister declared that no one deserves to lose their life in such a tragic manner, especially not those who sacrifice their lives to keep us safe daily.

“Extending my condolences to the family, friends, loved ones, and the entire Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. May he eternally Rest In Peace. Also praying for a safe and speedy recovery for the other Police officer who is currently undergoing treatment,” Chastanet, the leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), said.



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  1. God’s enemy “death”is caused by our first parents Adam and Eve,and because of the wickedness,the love of most will grow cold.
    “Look !
    I gave to St-Lucia a messanger of
    “good tidings”.
    I look but there is none-
    no one among them to give counsel
    no one to give another when I ask
    God : their imagination are 😕 confusion,
    let them approche and come forward !
    But I the LORD will answer them
    I the God of Israël will not abandon
    I the LORD will bless and establish her,
    but every morning I will put to silence
    all the wicked in the land.
    “As surely as I live, ‘says the LORD,
    ‘every knee will bow before me’,
    every tongue will confess to God
    So then,each of us will give an account of
    ourself to God.
    I will defend St-Lucia and save it,
    for my sake and for the sake of my servant,(s)”.

  2. St lucia can never go forward some of you all need to change you all mindset..the hatred the urully ways check you all self imagine criminals taking over our security system and some of you all ready to eat Chas alive..Why can’t you all go and get angry at the administration that is in office they are the ones that was preaching violence not the chickens are clucking in their da da..

  3. Wowww!! You guys at Slutimes would allow me to comment on somebody’s post but you wouldn’t put mine up, how ironic.

    Like everyone else, I’m speaking my mind but in Words and yet you wouldn’t give me that opportunity.

    Let’s see if this one will make it through?

    As a PM you reaffirm what? The moment you guys and girls stop reacting to such criminal activities and be Proactive to it then we might see a difference. However, that difference won’t come through until the corrupt officials of Government offices, Policemen/women, Customs officers, etc are kicked out and includes both side of Government past and present.

  4. St.Lucia has become a place for St.lucians to die. It is a cemetery for Lucian. It is no longer a place to live. Lucians no longer enjoy living in St. Lucia. They are all in a line up waiting for one of the criminals to kill them.
    The criminals are the 9nly ones who enjoy freedom in SLU. Everyone else lives in fear. At the moment slu at war. No one is safe. Where is the plan to get slu safe ? What 8s being done to make the law active again ? Where are the leaders with action and not words? When Wilma the criminals fear the law in slu ?

  5. Look at the criminal cabal those lucians voted in and you all expect crime to stop! cry me a river!

  6. My condolences to the family of this young man…but is that all the PM can say..that this behaviour will not be tolerated? This scourge of crime has been rampant in Saint Lucia for decades and that all the PM can say? A typical knee jerk reaction when the situation is so gruesome and business as usual when the dust has settled….it pains me to see the government and the authorities have no response to the violence in the country….they are weak, clueless, with no vision as to doing something better…. abandon all hope…the country is seemingly going to the dogs…

  7. Reality has hit the police force,rest in love fren, Mary Francis I need u to tell the murderer,’s that they are using to much force please people are humans

  8. St. Lucians don’t know what the heck they want. The police doing their job risking their precious lives to protect everyone from criminal activities taking place in this country, when some of those criminals get shot they have the worst saying pose on their life. When the criminals kill the dedicating officer the government not doing their job. I really sick and tired of all this nonsense in that country. They are appointed to do a job people let the officer do their job and move in their way and shut up therefore people in the country will have some comfort in the country and also leave the government alone give them a piece in mind cyase they are you human just like anyone of us they are not robots. I know some of you will come for me Freedom of speech.

    • You think governments are for you? The police force are corrupted themselves and do most operations at they own will to get benefits thats why criminals firing shots all directions now. We first need a lifestyle change

  9. Where’s Mary Francis ..see we refuse to hang criminals and murderers so this trend will continue . like 15 murders for this year . successive government refuse to change the laws … No serious penalty for gun posession. .

  10. instead the 2 of url morons fighting against each other and always a talk talk type type business with url morons ppl vote for….do something about this….its about time st lucians protest at polls day…some of them sicken me with this my pm my pm business and nothing is being done about these criminals

    • @Pappysho, I fully agree with you. St. Lucians are blinded by politics and that’s one disease they will never find a cure for. They will never stand in solidarity with each other once they’re on opposite sides and the people follow them like sheep.

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