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Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm

PM Outlines ‘Radical’ Approach To Citizen Safety

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that citizen safety will see twelve game changers in three focus areas.

In a post on his official Facebook page Monday, Chastanet said the goal is a major reduction of serious crime by the end of the strategy term in 2020; and a reduction in repeat offending by that same year.

“This is a radical and long overdue approach that will focus on better policing, greater efficiency in the legal system and the rehabilitation of offenders,” he observed as he with   senior Security officials for a weekly security briefing.

According to the PM, crime prevention and detection will benefit from a stronger police presence in ‘hotspot’ areas.

“We will be increasing foot and mobile patrols on the frontline where they are needed most. Greater surveillance is being made available to the police with the rolling out of the $1.8 million Safe City CCTV Project in Castries,” he disclosed.

Chastanet  said his administration does not believe that incarceration is the only
solution to reducing crime in Saint Lucia.

In this regard, he explained that rehabilitation will be a key component in crime reduction aimed at preventing re-offending upon discharge.

He stated that inmates at the Bordelais Correctional Facility and juveniles at the Boys Training Centre will be offered enhanced life skills, literacy & numeracy schooling, substance abuse counselling and CVQ certification programmes to give offenders the skills to re- enter society with better options for employment, thereby reducing the lure of criminal activity.

Chastanet recalled that since assuming office,his administration has made a number of integral interventions to improve Justice & Security in Saint Lucia.

He said these include:

-Appointment of a Director of Public Prosecution
-Reopening of the Forensic Laboratory
-Installation of High Definition CCTV cameras in the city
-Repairs to Police Stations across the island
-Recruitment of over 150 new police officers
-Provision of new Police vehicles
-Provision of new Police motorcycles
-Repaired the broken Radar system in Vieux Fort
-Rehabilitation of courthouses
-Repairs to our Marine Patrol boats
-Signing of Security MOU’s with key allies



  1. This is a systemic problem and no amount of money will make a difference on the ground, unless followed by changes in leadership with capable replacements. All these interventions as stated above are basic improvements that are necessary tools for the job and not additions. These have done little to improve the confidence of the people. Let’s not throw money and resources into plans that have not been vigorously researched and likely to fail

  2. Give the people what they want. Reduce crime by any legal means necessary. Boots on the ground and action . Less talk !

  3. You may be able to rehabilitate young boys,some of them maybe.Better put your saw dust to work and create new laws,for instance,for the first time you do a certain time,for the second time you do double time,so if you did six years the first time,the second time you are caught in the same s….t you do twelve years in jail,If you continue to be a dumb ass,and land in jail for a third time,its because you have a mental disfunctional disorder not fit for being released amongst law abiding citicents,give him thirty years and let him rot in jail. These are the kind of laws we need for these times,from my point of view.

  4. Why now? Why now are you tackling crime, forming cannabis commission, etc? Your mulatto tactics cannot work. Which company is the main contractor on the airport? At St. Jude? The market? You all are too crooked.

  5. Trying to do a final push before elections i see…. Well if it lowers crime in the country i’m all for it. You should just started all those initiatives at least in 2017

  6. Anytime someone brags about the work that they have done, even though it should be a routine and obvious responsibility is a cause to raise a flag- a flag to be aware of deception! Just imagine a bus driver bragging that he make 3 trips a day? Wtf else are you supposed to be doing if not making trips!

  7. Don’t forget the jingle, “Kenny could not do it but I will”. Is that another set of Lies by Chastanet? Apologise to the nation and then things will change.

  8. Results of where government place their energy and priorities . This is just an example of neglect for the people and the results are in . Too late for you mr pm have shown st.lucians that the rich business class and foreign investors are your priority. We come like an after thought to you and elections is coming close , hence why you’re doing all this politicking smh shame .

  9. We must NEVER forget how vindictive that this guy is. This guy has punished the poor and decimated the middle class of this land of OURS. He has given it ALL to people who look more like him. I believe that deep down this guy is an intrinsic RACIST. He doesn’t like nor appreciate the indigenous people of OUR land. He has given all the jobs to pale looking folks. Jobs that qualified people on island can do. WE MUST NEVER FORGET!!!! WE must not allowed this smokes and mirrors bORBOL tactics to obfuscate our thinking. I say to him and all the exploiters of OUR land GET THE…. OUT!!!!

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