Thursday, February 20, 2020

PM Pays Tribute To Teachers

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has lauded teachers for their contribution to the development of the youth.

He did so in a post on his official Facebook page Friday to mark the occasion of Teachers Appreciation Day.

” Today as we celebrate Teachers Appreciation day, I would like to say that your contribution to the molding and grooming of young minds is invaluable to our country’s development and social fabric. Thank you,” Chastanet wrote.

Your commitment and dedication cannot be quantified but only felt and appreciated. I know that your duties constantly take you beyond the classroom and demands of you compassion, kindness, fairness and concern at all times and to be in this field requires you to have character of strength and selflessness,” the PM said.

“If asked to name that one teacher who had the most positive impact on our lives, one who consoled us when we were down or saw something in us that we did not see in ourselves, I am sure a name will come to mind immediately,” Chastanet observed.

He declared that to be a teacher means to touch a life forever.


  1. very nice, but the staement “Your commitment and dedication cannot be quantified but only felt and appreciated” is way of. Of course it can be quatified by measures of student learning and success.

    • You know all that about time yet you give then endless horrors to improve their standard of living and conditions of work. You know they have to take their work beyond the classroom but the actions of your government denies them fair compensation. Why if you believe that their work is invaluable do you allow Gale to give a uncle and brother endless direct contracts to do substandard work on schools?
      Mr. PM, if you want the Teachers to believe you, show your appreciation by your action and the actions of your government. Ask your Minister of Education to stop competing with you for the Frequent Flyer Award and put the money saved into teaching resources for the teachers to educate the nations children. You should have taken at least half of the 24.5 million dollars you left for sandals to invest in education. The money for your the monument could have gone into feeding the hungry children in school. You could have avoided the situation where thousands of school children last an hour plus of schooling on Thursday just to have your show piece unveiling of the monument. You can ask Guy Teething Joseph to stop the direct awards spree and spend the money saved on education. You could have gone into a PPP for the airport and take a much smaller loan to modernized our Schools.

  2. PJ i am not a teacher but i find your comment lacks humility – couldn’t you just accept the commendation from the prime minster – is it that you are seeking praise. A simple thank you could have done it !!!

  3. Thank you
    I AM a teacher and I know there’s a lot of good ones out there, but there’s some that don’t need to hear praise for the damage they do to a childs life. Those are the ones that should be measured in particular.

  4. Put mesures in place for our children to pay more respect to our eduacaters; all what you wrote, we already know!

  5. This is the same Prime Minister that said so many derivative things about teachers. Your memory is to shallow. You are not fit to be Prime Minister of this country. You have insulted our teacher enough. You lie too much. No example for our kids

    • Derogative thing like what? Justify you crap. This crap should come from the other end.

  6. If you appreciate teachers pay temporary teachers on time stop making them wait months b4 they get paid!

  7. In the past you never said anything positive about teaches ,now you wanna say something uplifting to bambozoule us who do you think you fooling or lieing to man please

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