PM Praises Mary Isaac’s Leadership Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has lauded he leadership of Health Minister Mary Isaac in Saint Lucia’s battle against COVID-19.

“I want to congratulate the Minister and her Ministry for an incredible feat, in that Saint Lucia is one of the three countries that have now all COVID patients have recovered,” Chastanet stated.

“So far, knock on wood, we have not had any fatalities here in Saint Lucia,” he noted.

The PM described it as an incredible achievement.

“I really want to congratulate you and your team, your CMO and their team, the persons in the Ministry, the nurses and the doctors and everyone who has been very emotional about this,” he said.

Chastanet recalled the things he considered when putting his cabinet together.

He disclosed that he was trying to decide who would be the Minister of Health.

“One of the things I realised that we needed in the Ministry of Health was somebody with a tremendous amount of empathy and also a person who was going to get their hands dirty and be behind the scenes helping,” the PM explained.

He declared in the presence of the health minister that she has never disappointed in those areas.

“The leadership that you have shown at the Ministry of Health is very much appreciated,” Chastanet observed.



  1. Oh my! Oh my. Now I know the PM has either lost it or he is dumb or he is clueless. Mary Isaac? WHOOOOOY!!!! Anyway, the PM for once perhaps spoke the truth when he admitted that he only wanted a minister ” with a tremendous amount of empathy and also a person who was going to get their hands dirty and be behind the scenes helping”. So young persons aspiring to be Minister of health and willing to “show leadership” all you need are (1) empathy, (2) ability to get your hands dirty and (3) stay behind the scenes.
    I hope I don’t hear that like his idol Donald Trump and the PM was “just being sarcastic”.

  2. Now I prove it. That PM & Mary Islack has a little pig feeding together. A woman who has been MIA since the outbreak is now being praised 4 a job well done? A woman who has never came over de media & give a report on covid 19? It’s true Dat wen we like someone, Der fart won’t stink 4 us, farless their shit, but come on Mr PM, don’t make it so obvious.. If u wanna sing praises unto a female, praise the CMO, Dr Sharon Belmar George 4 a job excellently done, no one cud hv done it better. But Mary ISLACKS gotta come out of hiding, and show st lucian her worth, and prove y she was entrusted with such a sensitive ministry.

    • I honestly believe that the PM owes the Chief Medical Officer an apology. Also, Mary Isaac should give the CMO 75% of Mary Isaac’s salary for April in cash and 25% in bonds.

  3. I thought she was scared and hiding away somewhere! That has to be a joke honestly do they think we are stupid.

  4. Lol sleepy Mary? Gotta be kidding me. Y’all ain’t fooling anyone. Big up the chief medical officer tho.

  5. What this? Joke of the week! It also qualifies to be joke of the month.
    Mary is a product of the inefficiencies of the current political system. A bureaucrat, who must be assisted all the way, because she doesn’t have steam to power her engine. By now, the quiet public has formed an opinion about her performance and those hasty bulletins only hurt her credibility even more.
    Thank you to the CMO and her staff as we tread this difficult terrain. We are still not out of the woods, however, we have traveled safely thus far.

  6. She always says she will do her job whenever she has to do bravo Mary and PM good job. 🙏🙏🏼🇱🇨

  7. Allen Chastanet stop taking the people of this country for fools. Mary is a huge failure as a mister of anything and you are the worst PM ever. Birds of a frigging feather.

  8. Allen we are not A**holes in this country. Mary has been sleeping in her office from the time she entered Government. You continue to demonstrate you stupidity. You should be at Donnater School. That is where you belong. You have brought our country to the bottomless PIT

    • Please Collin, hold your brakes. These children at Dunnator would do much better than Allen.

  9. It’s amazing the ignorance of people. I am in no position to comment on how instrumental the minister of health has been in this fight. However people behave as if it is only one person fighting the fight. The CMO has done an excellent job yes. But do yall have any idea of the support she has received. Like it or not Mary Isaac is the minister of health and the CMO is part of her team. Not because she has not been the face that you see means she’s not working. So if she had been handed a report to update the public periodically and been all over the media…would it then mean she deserves praise? Smh.

    • Observer, its amazing how damn rude and ignorant you are. You ignorance is well pronounced by you admitting that you are “in no position to comment on how instrumental the minister of health has been in this fight”. Well some of are in that position and we conclude that she is a failure. It is not about a report or being in the media – many of us know leadership when we see it. We have not seen it in Mary and clearly you have not.

  10. My God I had some restored confidence in you Hon. Prime Minister but you just took it away by making that statement. Mary Issac has been hiding since this COVID situation started no leader Should be absent in the face of crisis. The qualities you were looking for and more is found in the CMO make the switch.

  11. But wait.but wait..could not Saint Lucia News online inform Honourable Chastanet that they had recently published a letter to the editor with complaints about Mary Isaac doing nothing? They really should have informed him before having him come here to post that stuff thus raising the eyebrows of Saint Lucians.

    • Well well well some lucians behavior is unbelievable no wonder we in that mess 2021-2022 2023 God’s willing hope some of you all will have to swallow the mo mo tablet. Go and pray to see the light. St Lucia needs a lot of prayers 🇱🇨🙏🏼🙏

  12. Uwp can never win an election again in st Lucia and y’all see the white man y’all wanted treating y’all like dumb uneducated Africans cuz that’s what he see’s y’all are dumb n believe everything he says weh the weed he legalized weh the USA visa free travel stay deh fools

  13. I can only assume Ms Isaac is working hard behind the scenes because this praise makes absolutely no sense otherwise.

  14. Being in the spotlight doesn’t mean you working and if what the above comments implies then no wonder we going in reverse. Mary doesn’t have to be in the spotlight promoting herself to do her job but all of the hacks think is you have to be on TV and giving interviews to be effective as a leader .bunch of brainless hacks

    • None, unlike you, no one needs to see a leader on TV to know if he or she is working. Despite your limited ability, the rest of us know what to look to know if a leader is on top of things. We don’t have to see you on tv to know if you are a mover and shaker or not. Place this is a small society and we get to know what’s taking place behind the scenes.
      Now let me tell you what I discovered about you – you like to make excuses for those you support and call others names like “hacks”.

  15. Was that a joke Allen made? Oh, I get it. He meant praise her for staying away and letting a true professional the CMO handle our health aspect of the epidemic. Okay, in that case Big Up useless, continue to stay in the back where you belong. I

  16. Of course, he won’t give credit where it ia due, after all he cannot praise the publuc servant on one hand and then cut her salry on the other hand. Deception as its best

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