PM Promises Not To Let Down Ruling Party Supporters

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has expressed  sincerest thanks to every single member and supporter of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP), who have stuck with the party in good and trying times.

He has promised not to let them down.

“We promise that we will not let you down and we remain committed to making Saint Lucia the best place to Work, Visit, Invest and the best place to call Home,” Chastanet, who is the leader of the UWP, wrote on his official Facebook page.

“How we treat our elders as a society says a lot about us and how we treat the long standing supporters of our political party says even more about our political organization,” the UWP leader explained.

According to Chastanet, the UWP has always been blessed to have some of the wisest, most caring, hardworking and dedicated members that an organization could ask for.

He observed that at the 40th Party Convention on Sunday, the UWP awarded over 20 of its stalwarts for their loyalty, hard work, dedication and guidance over the years.

“It was especially heartwarming to see the joy and gratitude on Mr. Hollis Bristol’s face after being inducted into the UWP’s Hall of Fame for his unwavering support over the last 40 years,” Chastanet recalled.



  1. Deeds not promises! Too much empty rhetoric, stop making promises that you know you cannot keep. The UWP tenure in office do far has been nothing but an abysmal failure. Good paying jobs are non-existent, healthcare system sickening, crime completely out of control, and the national debt ballooning. Your administration cannot speak against immortality which is a major problem in the country especially among the youths. This administration is a monumental disappointment.

  2. I am looking forward to a win for the opposition in Grenada and Barbados style in the next elections.
    I voted UWP and not Chastnet and Guy.
    St. Lucian will not forget and forgive UWP will pay a heavy price for St,Judes and OKEU.

  3. Blame the country’s education system…

  4. This statement is pathetic; coming from a PM. You can count Anse LA Raye/ Canaries out! We have repented voting Fedee. Such disgrace. Smh

  5. Vibz
    You are always on point. These folk could certainly use your help. It appears that you always target the bullseye.

  6. I thought the head of a country or Island is suppose to represent all it’s residents. Wby do you St. Lucians elect these ignorant people to represent you.

  7. Only one set getting the awards. What’s about the little people who worked mercilessly on the ground in the hot sun daily campaigning? And more….!! I am so disappointed with my party, too much preference!

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