PM reassures VH workers after ‘untrue’ social media post

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Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet has been reassuring workers at Victoria Hospital after what he says have been efforts by some to spread falsehoods about the health sector in their narrow pursuits to create fear.

“As of yesterday a post has been circulating on social media stating that the Government, through a Cabinet memo, had taken a course of action with regards to staff of the Victoria Hospital,” Chastanet observed in a post on his official Facebook page.

“I want to reassure all workers at VH that this post is categorically untrue and no such Cabinet memo exists. No such memo has gone out to the Min of Health, Nurses Association or anyone,” he explained.

Chastanet reiterated the government’s position that no jobs will be lost as a result of the transition to Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH).

“The post by this irresponsible individual was obviously intended to undermine our health system and has created concern and worry around the world. It saddens me that persons would stoop to the level of using persons livelihoods as a political football and call into question our ability as a nation to deliver healthcare,” the PM lamented.

“This issue is too important and can cause damage that affects us all. Once again I take the opportunity to reassure the staff of VH and all staff in the health sector that our Government will take no decisions that cause their jobs to be sacrificed. You are hard working and we stand with you to create a better healthcare system we can all be proud of,” Chastanet stated.

“In the meantime let us continue to dialogue and move our country forward and resist the urge to give in to persons who would prefer to plant seeds of fear and discord. Let’s continue to build a new Saint Lucia,”the PM concluded.

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  1. Your actions don’t correspond with your words…RSL, Tourist Board……

    So whatever you say you won’t do, people will think the exact opposite

    • RSL was taking business from local struggling radio stations all the while being subsidized by tax payers. It was also mostly a political tool. It had to go for private media organisations to get a chance with their efforts and investments.

  2. Mr. PM, your actions and your words are usually diametrically opposite. You have lost complete credibility because of this. Do you remember your campaign promise on crime? Look at what obtains presently under hour stewardship. Your administration will never be successful until you start practicing inclusion. You and your submissive disciples have to let go of your boastful and arrogant behavior. Be humble and willing to listen to ideas from the widest cross section of the population. No man is an island, no man has a monopoly on good ideas. The country is heading over a cliff with your self centered leadership. Be magnanimous and inclusive. Be more consultative and not just force your ideas and policies down the people’s throats.

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