PM Responds To Accusations That Security Official Hit Tourist

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has responded to reports that a security official at a site in Soufriere slapped a female tourist this week.

A video posted on social media shows several persons accusing a man of having struck the visitor after she allegedly starting taking photographs at the location.

Questioned by reporters outside parliament Tuesday, the Prime Minister said he had not seen the recording.

But commenting generally he noted that this is a very different era of smart phones.

“Sometimes when we do things and we don’t think it’s being caught or it is never going to be seen, it’s going to be captured,” the former Tourism Minister explained.

He noted that there have been thousands of instances globally of this happening.

“We have to find that balance. At the end of the day tourism is a very big industry and you have to treat it as a business,” Chastanet told reporters.

“We are inviting foreigners to our country, therefore we are hosting them and there is a certain amount of behaviour that needs to go with that,” he stated.

“But at the same time I have never been one who says we need to do things specifically for tourists. We need to  be able treat them with the same amount of respect that we would treat each other,” the PM said.



  1. Pay chou….there is a certain behavior that goes with being a Minister too…speak about that.
    Allen must go!

  2. Malika ….. you sound very intelligent

    Well said Mr PM, we should treat everyone with the same level of respect …. about time we start to actually do that

  3. Ryan, you are absolutely correct. The pM us white he will always defend whites while the blacks in St Lucia will always have the slavery mentality especially the 43% from Micoud and Desruisseaux .

    • Just saying and Martin Sampson if you go back to read the story you will realize that your comments are totally off. My word!!

  4. Educations that we always talk about in saint Lucia educated educate yet some saint Lucians educate them selfs to be real idiots

  5. Its very sad to see the way some of our guys vent their frustrations on the tourists.We have laws,and if you feel abused by a tourist,call the police.No need to raise your hand at a lady.But course there is allways two sides to the story

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