Thursday, September 29, 2022

PM Responds To Claims That He Flouts COVID-19 Protocols

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says that to the best of his ability, he always tries to adhere to COVID-19 protocols.

The PM made the comments to reporters on Tuesday, as he addressed claims that he flouts the protocols.

“So if somebody wants to take a picture of me going to the bar, having a drink and  pulling down my mask at the bar,  I can assure you that there will always be an occasion where  you are going to find me doing that,” he explained.

“But to say to you that I am out flouting and deliberately disobeying the  protocols, I don’t think that’s the case,” Chastanet asserted.

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And he recalled an occasion when he wore a visor.

However Chastanet  said it was because he had initially been told that the visor was sufficient.

Nevertheless, he  explained that once the Chief Medical Officer said that was not the case, he immediately resolved the issue.

According to the PM, he does not deliberately flout COVID-19 protocols.

He also said he does not try to create one standard for himself and another for others.

In addition, Chastanet spoke about his recent one-day trip to Barbados where he attended a high-level meeting.

“I flew over on the RSS, I did not fly commercially,” he recalled.

The PM said all his meetings took place at the airport.

And he revealed that when the meetings ended, he got back on the Regional Security System (RSS) aircraft and returned home.

Chastanet said he went through the protocols with the Chief Medical Officer and did a PCR test before leaving.

” I have been vaccinated twice,” he observed.

“The places I had the meetings was one place and all necessary protocols were put in place to accommodate those meetings,” the PM stated.

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