PM Responds With Newspaper Clipping To Claims He Never Captained The National Basketball Team

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, citing what he says is a most recent opposition attempt to discredit him, has responded to claims he never served as captain of Saint Lucia’s national basketball team.

Last week, Chastanet had posted a photo of himself and other players on his official Facebook page.

Above the photo he wrote: “I really enjoyed my days serving as captain of Saint Lucia’s National Basketball team.”

Photo courtesy Prime Minister’s Facebook page

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister disclosed Wednesday that the attempt by the opposition to discredit him was in the form of a video circulating on Facebook, asserting that he was never captain.

Chastanet’s response on his official Facebook page was accompanied by a  newspaper clipping.

“The attached image is an article from the October 18th, 1986 issue of the Voice Newspaper on page 16. Should you be interested in independently verifying this piece, you can visit the National Archives in Vigie to request a copy,” the PM wrote.

The article was headlined: B-ball Team Wins 3, Lose 2 In Grenada.

It said that the national basketball team was led by Allen Chastanet.

On his official Facebook page, Chastanet noted that he has generally ignored many of the slander and propaganda pieces originating from members and supporters of the Opposition, in order to remain focused on the task of working to build a new and better Saint Lucia that benefits everyone.

“Now, let’s get back to work,” the PM urged.


  1. I would never answered these unprofessional fool’s misleading the uneducated people and also the hater’s… they are digging a hole to buried their own body.Power hungry people just shaking my head..God help us in St Lucia… some St lucians have to think for themselves.

  2. I think heal ear jufalli need to apologize to the prime minister for saying in the house. That pm was never a captain to st.Lucia basketball team that proves to you how desperate those thieves from the slp are to get power so many lies and untruths deception and more.Hilaire has always been a dishonest man he cannot be trusted .his pocket is empty he needs money to clear west Indies cricket board that’s why he will to anything to get his hands on the tax payers dollars.last election he had a 30 foot container of plywood t to buy votes but this time around he seems broke I will wait to see how he gonna buy votes this time dirty character.

  3. Both sides needs to stop this petty bickering and back and forth. Start acting like a head of state and a professional opposition. We have too many problems already to now try to distract from reality. People do not care about this stuff. They do care about what they need to feed their kids tomorrow or how they will afford to pay their next bill.

    • Fed up, am so sorry to disappoint you am very emotional as well but yes, its another lie.

      He/they have conveniently mixed up the dates of his captaincy of SLU Basketball Team.

      In addition he was never that skilful to be captain, his captaincy was bought for the ulterior motive of trying to deceive his overseas school so he could advance in that team.

      Allens’ best skill and attribute is being a COMPLUSIVE LIAR and lets be honest (no pun intended) he’s a s*** liar so I take that back about it being his best skill.

  4. Mervin Coco Bell Ass….your credibility just went down the drain. Now I see you as a bias SLP Hack. Wine for your Supa.

  5. Faithful Father, thank you for noticing and keeping record of the things we have done that are good and pleasing to you. Please help me to keep doing those things that please you, only better, that you may be pleased and glorified. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • ……today is the first so you dam right you had to work EXTRA PAY FOR EXTRA CREDIT . Of all the things your PM has and is putting this country thru that’s all you could have beg Father God for ??…..oh the significance of it all wow wow wow wow. When you were giving thank and praise why you did not ask him for a bailout ?? We had to make a payment of US $5 million on July 1st on that US $100 million dollar loan we took from our “good friends” Taiwan it’s not Covid-19 exempt they don’t care.

  6. Some lucians sell their souls so much hatred towards the PM due to color… Chastanet don’t need St Lucia 🇱🇨 money to live … KDA has all his money he never invest not a penny in his own country…. some of you all need to go educate yourselves…and stop the hate…The people that digging a hole to put you ..,they are the ones that will go right down…I will never put my hands vote for labour party any more they a disrespectful.. troublemakers.. hater’s… my prayers with you 🙏 the PM of St Lucia 🇱🇨

  7. Offcourse his parents would have kept his proud records for the family unlike you typical Lucian Low Grade with no class where its obvious you all were not brought up but dragged up from the streets.

  8. Pot calling kettle black. The biggest SLP liars always calling Chastenet a liar. Who is the liar now? These fellas are so hungry for power they will go so low to discredit the PM at any cost. They fail to realize everytime they open their mouths they are slipping away from what they have their eyes on. The silent majority are watching you guys. WHEN THEY GO LOW WE GO HIGH.

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