PM: Saint Lucia Always Prospers Under A UWP Administration

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has asserted that 3 ½ years into the current administration, Saint Lucians can see and feel the positive signs that “we are moving in the right direction.”

Chastanet made the assertion in his New Years address to the nation dubbed ‘Now Is The Time’.

Citing a number of achievements of his government, he declared that history shows Saint Lucia always prospers under a United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

Chastanet said one of the first actions of his government on taking office was to fulfill a general election promise to ease the burdens on the entire population. 

“We immediately implemented Five to Stay Alive,” he observed.

According to the PM, this included reducing the 15% Value Added Tax (VAT); putting  a freeze on property taxes; introducing an amnesty on hospital bills; reducing the vehicle licensing costs and doubling the allocations for the school feeding and transportation programmes.

The Prime Minister recalled that the recent IMF assessment on Saint Lucia described growth prospects in the near term as favourable.

He said the assessment projected that the commencement of imminent infrastructural projects will substantially boost growth in the 2020-2022 period. 

“Unemployment which was at 25 percent when we came in, has been reduced to 17 percent according to the most recent reports from the Statistics Department, and we anticipate a further reduction this year,” Chastanet told the nation.

He stated that the undisputed fact is that this country’s economy has recorded growth in every single year since his party took office.

“I make this point to emphasize the fact that history shows that Saint Lucia always prospers under a United Workers Party administration. We have a track record laid down by our founding father Sir John Compton of consistently developing this country,” Chastanet declared.

Our policies are working and we are moving in the right direction,” the PM said.




  1. Mr. PM, have you no conscience or empathy for the average St. Lucian? Unemployment is too high; wages are too low; crime has never been so bad; healthcare is a disaster; hardship is a constant companion. These are undisputable current experiences the general population is enduring today. Come down off your high horse and spend a week in a single parent home to get a grip of reality as to how many of the citizens are living outside the circumference of happiness. Misery and unbearable hardship has become a permanent fixture in their life. While you boast about improvements many go to bed on a hungry stomach. Grow a conscience Mr. PM, face up to the truth, things are tough economically while crime is at a frighteningly high level. This is no time for you to gloat about anything. Just be honest, be more inclusive otherwise the hardships will exacerbate. Two heads are better than one. Include the opposition and those who are apolitical in any plans to set the country on a path of progress. Be magnanimous.

  2. “Vibes” should go and live in his own world under an S L P administration because things were worse.
    ….and “not a hack”,you are a hack.
    How was things better under the last administration? Crime was just as bad,there was a 15% vat and was about to increase, unemployment was higher,businesses were closing,money was taken for dredging,no dredging,using a hospital to swindle Lucians out of there money,secret deals, no new infrastructure,minister’s account,hidden gas tax selling diplomatic passports……. I could go on and on and you want the government to work with the opposition?the same opposition that is trying to block all progress and the same opposition that is bad talking St.Lucia all over the place not to mention sending letters painting the country in a bad light?
    I don’t think you’ll people are St.Lucian!

    • say no more. endless harassment of people under them too. the deputy of SLP should be in jail all now so. what did the SLP do? give him deputy post. the man driving all the saloptay is now their chief henchman. and SLP expect that they will ever see power! i dont like many things chastanet has done. but will not be voting for the criminal joksters in the SLP.

      • Teef don’t like to see teef with long bag remember that for the thieves amongst you. Very few politician gets in to “politics” for civil servitude to make a difference to country and people. It’s all about power and money. The power to govern over people and their domain and to reap form their institutionalized governance.

    • Stinger, the hardest language to learn and accept is the TRUTH. Tell the truth and you get brutally attacked by those living in a den of lies. Did I say one word in support of the SLP? The cost of living is out of the reach of too many Lucians. Is that a lie? Many people having hells buying adequate food and necessities for their homes. Is that false? Many are struggling to pay their electricity and water bills. Is that fair to say? The many killings and robberies have the entire on edge. Is that not the truth? Unemployment is too high and wages are too low. Isn’t that the incontrovertible truth? Some Ministers are sitting on their brains doing absolutely nothing and taking home a fat pay cheque every month. Don’t you agree that they should be replaced? ( Crime, Health, Agriculture Ministers) et al. This incumbent government should out perform their predecessors instead of living in the past. If a poll were to be taken today about whether or not people are satisfied with their present living conditions the results will be overwhelmingly negative. Too many of us can’t accept the truth even if it slaps us in the face. Don’t allow politics to make you an everlasting enemy of the truth.

      • It’s very hard to try enlightening people with the truth when their comeback is always from hearsay and not facts. I do concur with all you say. Talk is nothing if it’s not backed up by reality. We all understand that an empty bucket makes the most noise.

    • Stinger, you need to get out of your make believe world. Even better, try graduating to Grade K because being part of the 43% with preschool education not working for you.

  3. my original lengthy comment refund to go though and there was no profanity so I will just say,I don’t think you’ll SLP hacks are St.Lucian

  4. Vibes..i second that..i know first hand what going to bed on a hungry belly feels like.. Sending my kids to sleep on a hungry belly day in and day out.all I know is that I am breathing

  5. This man is delusional, St.Lucia had the 2nd lowest GDP Growth rate in Caricom in 2018 which was 0.9 % compared countries like Antigua and Dominica with rates of 7.4 and 2.3 respectively . The VAT reduction is only benefiting the business owners not the consumers, the prices of items was increased so the reduction of vat went straight to the business owners pockets. Also he promised the entire removal of VAT haven’t heard about anymore reductions recently. Crime has only gotten worse under this PM and that was one of his major platforms for his election campaign.


  6. You and your corrupt unscrupulous bunch are the only ones benefitting under UWP. Time for you to go and set us free, Allen.

    • rani, with all the comments here that’s the best you can offer? I don’t agree with all the comments but at least the people making them were on topic and respectful. The only thing you achieve by your comment is to tell yourself and the world that you are an unmannerly idiot.

  7. It has always done better for “HIM” over the decades and his CLIQUES When your party is in power and you can cost Sl. Lucia tens of millions of dollars with out accountability of course the country does better under your party system. Don’t know which “St Lucia” he speaks in reference to, maybe the one he and his CLIQUES belong to, Right now the needle has not shift for the working poor of this nation, things are basically the same. Crime is high, fuel is expensive, to feed a family of four from the supermarket from the days of his monopoly GQ to present is extreme, our health care sucks and our debt ceiling is higher than any pervious administration ever in St Lucia’s history so I don’t what Fantasy Island he is on, he can talk all his garbage he has enough sucker followers to convince of it

  8. I’m so sorry Rani, my comments were not to your standard the topic is the UWP administration and yours it not you have achieved to tell the world you have no manners or respect I won’t call you idiot
    Allen has to go

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