Friday, December 13, 2019

PM: Saint Lucia Getting Closer To Major Reduction In Serious Crime By 2022

Press Release:– Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet said recently that government is inching closer to reaching the targeted 45 percent reduction in serious crime by 2022.

The prime minister said a holistic approach to tackling crime is needed, which includes improving surveillance methods, increasing the police presence in problem areas, and upgrading the country’s judicial system.

During a recent pre-cabinet press briefing, Prime Minister Chastanet revealed that some $11 million will be spent to install CCTV cameras within the City of Castries. Government will also strengthen the police presence in “hotspot” areas, in an effort to improve crime prevention and detection.

Meanwhile, the prime minister indicated that the judicial system needs a multi-tiered approach that would require more time. In the government of Saint Lucia’s Medium Term Development Plan, citizen safety has been earmarked as a key area needing urgent attention.


  1. How convenient that the target time is after election in 2021. You made promises in 2015 to make handle crime but it has worsen under your watch

  2. By all means, take the American model. Solve crime by locking up criminals but ignore them when they are just becoming criminals.

  3. Mr. PM, you make mention of police presence in some areas, that’s all well and good; Have you put legislation in place for police protection? Because every time police retaliate against your criminals, there is always some voices saying/ crucifie them, crucifie them, especially Miss Mary and the US!
    Why your criminals are slaughtering citizens of the land, and should not die? Why? Look, Donald has change d laws regarding d death penalty! What are you waiting for? It is over time to Apply the capital punishment!
    That is my opinion! and yours?

  4. Promises..promises…promises. Been hearing a lot of these lately. Don’t you think we should get the previous promises done before bringing up others. We seem to be getting these on a daily basic now. Wonder why….is this the framework being used because elections are on the horizon. There is reasoning behind the proverb “ promises are comfort to fools”.

  5. We cannot reduce crime if we do not focus on the social fabric of the country. Don’t know when we will get it right.

  6. Please find some form of employment for the people so that they can earn their living. This will be one of the greatest way of solving crime in St Lucia and keeping down the cost of living.

  7. If people do not have work and does not earn money they commit crimes to get money. It is the government responsibility to make employment for the people. Use you people to build to roads to build houses etc etc. Do not bring in foreigners to do the work. The natives need the work to make their country safe. Then more people will visit your land.

  8. Crime will never stop,your big friends hauling drugs,and the boys fighting for the crums,nobody cares.

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