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Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm

PM Salutes Queen’s Birthday Honourees

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has congratulated recipients of this year’s Queen’s birthday honours, asserting that it was an honour to be part of the investiture ceremony held at Government House.

“There is nothing as rewarding as service to humanity and service to country and this is what these awards are designed to honour; to give back in some measure to those who have served and distinguished themselves through such service,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page Friday.

He noted that over the years, Saint Lucia has been blessed to have produced large numbers of men and women who took on the mantle of serving and providing service in every single field of endeavor, in both the public and private sectors.

Chastanet asserted that it is mainly on the shoulders of these people that the development and progress of Saint Lucia has always and continues to depend today.

“As a country we must not allow our heroes to go unrecognized. We must continually thank them for their services and in some cases their sacrifices. In their pursuit of noble professions or in service to the community they have given us a piece of themselves,” he stated.

“I cannot help but make the point that each of the eight persons honoured by the Queen this year have been stalwarts in their respective fields, persons who have achieved and then used their achievements in the cause of helping others in such diverse fields as sports, entertainment, community development and social services, education, the media, business and the public service,” the PM observed.

He declared that Saint Lucia owes a debt of gratitude to those awarded today and even more Saint Lucians who are committed to their profession and country.

“Thank you all for your dedication,” the PM stated.

“It is my sincere hope that the example set by these honorees will motivate and inspire others to step up and serve their communities and country as well. I salute you all,” Chastanet wrote.

He said that on behalf of the Government and People of Saint Lucia he congratulates:
C.B.E.: Commander of the British Empire –
• Rick WAYNE For services to entertainment, professional bodybuilding, advocacy and journalism
M.B.E. To be Ordinary Members of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire –
• Margaret ROBERTS-STEELE For services to broadcasting
B.E.M. British Empire Medal (Civil Division) –
• Gaspard Peter David CHARLEMAGNE For services to education
• Mary PIERRE- For services to the community
• Pamela Mary DEVAUX- For services to charity
• Joseph Reilly DOLCY- For services to the St. Lucia Fire Service
• Mary Joan SMITH – For services to entrepreneurship and business
• Vincent McDOOM – For services to entertainment.


    • Rick Wayne TALK enough Sh**. Now that he has been rewarded, I hope he can keep quiet. Or will he continue to TALK until he gets another award? Lets hope not. My PM has now rewarded him for his useless TALK.

  1. A Devaux had to be in it…what services to charity. Chastanet you will pay for your wicked ways. Vincent McDoon? This creature is just about himself…what has he done to uplift St Lucia anywhere…he is the biggest critique of anything St Lucian. Chastanet time for your pathetic [email protected]@to go.

  2. Give the Devauxs all you vindictive, hateful man. The longest rope has an end. You Chastanet deserve a WPME award. Worst Prime Minister Ever.

  3. Why is this deveaux woman being honored? These people are the most hateful, selfish and racist people in St. Lucia. Stop making a mockery out of our land.

  4. Allen Chastent is the PM of St Lucia 🇱🇨 weather you all like him or not.To much politics and hatred in the country.

    • We have the right to express whether (and not weather) you like us or not. Too (and not to) much politics and hatred in you.

      • Well all the above is applicable to me also but I will MAKE NO APOLOGIES. Why is THIS news ??? Are we serious ??? . Oh my my my what a prestigious award oh my pass the Grey Pupon. Choops ! Good for them. Queen Birthday Honourees ?? Like really ! TOKENS.

  5. Mr. PM, you cannot make d grade; simply because you are a failure in all departments! yes you faild me Sir

  6. Weekend Joke.

    Teacher: Who is the President of Nigeria?
    Children: (They all echoed) Lamido Sanusi!
    Teacher: Correct! Who is the Minister of Defense? Children: Asari Dokubo!Teacher: Good.
    Teacher: What is the Capital City of Nigeria? Children: Enugu! Teacher: Very good!
    Teacher: What do you call people from Moscow? Children: Mosquitoes! Teacher: Perfect!
    Teacher: How much is (2+5)? Children: 25! Teacher: That’s great! You’re going to be stupid like this until your government increases my salary!

  7. Hmm even though Rick Wayne has his biases i cant argue with his award.Especially now that the PM has only 2 more years of power left. The others i dont know them well enough to cast judgement. Congratulations to all the awardees… i guess.

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