PM says civil service divided

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, told a training session on governance that began here yesterday for members of cabinet and senior government officials that Saint Lucia’s civil service is very divided .

Chastanet declared that no one  seems to know where they are heading every day.

“When I ask the question ‘Do you think that you have been successful at your job?’ I won’t even begin to tell you the answers that I get,” the Prime Minister told the session.

He said people need to go to work every day knowing what they are trying to achieve.

“That’s the responsibility of leadership,” ¬†Chastanet, who has responsibility for the public service, stated.

“Change never starts at the bottom; change starts at the top,” he said.

Chastanet spoke of the need to run a more efficient and accountable government where a greater return on resources that are being expended will be required.

He explained that the governance training session marked the beginning of the pursuit of that objective.





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