Monday, November 18, 2019

PM Says Commitment To Delivering Affordable, Quality Health Care Advancing Well

Describing health care as a critical issue for this country, Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet has said that his administration’s commitment to delivering affordable, quality health care is advancing well.

In an address to the nation Sunday night, he said that thankfully, the phased opening of the Owen King EU hospital has started.

He reminded his audience that there was no plan for it and inadequate funds were set aside for its operation.

“We have commenced construction of a polyclinic in Dennery and increased operating hours at the Gros Islet polyclinic. Meanwhile, in Soufriere, we are finalizing plans for a new mini-hospital to serve the community,” Chastanet noted.

He said three health care facilities, namely Desruisseaux, Belle Vue and Mon Repos Wellness Centers, have also been upgraded to be safer, greener and more resilient to natural disasters.

“It is our hope that soon all of our health centers will be Smart Health Care Facilities,” the PM stated.

According to the Prime Minister, the Government has taken steps to finally resolve the problem at Saint Jude Hospital, which was one of the many disasters left behind for his administration to handle.

“I am pleased to report we have already commenced clearing works for the New Hospital wing and the Ministries of Health and Economic Development have finalized the design. Construction is set to start within the next few weeks,” he observed.

“Our nation owes a great debt of gratitude to the doctors, nurses and all the dedicated staff of Saint Jude, who continue to provide service to the people of the south under such difficult circumstances. I thank them, and the nation thanks them, for their personal sacrifice and I assure you that we will resolve this issue once and for all.”

“Our commitment to delivering affordable, quality health care is also advancing well; with a national health insurance scheme which will ensure that no Saint Lucian is left behind when it comes to accessing better health services,” Chastanet said.

He explained that too many families continue to suffer financial and emotional ruin because they don’t have these safety nets.

The PM reported that Saint Lucia has secured financing through the World Bank for assistance in the implementation of health care insurance.


  1. That’s the definition of communism right there. The Ministry of Health spends millions of taxpayers dollars advising on proper diet and health practices. They advise against consuming alcohol and smoking. John Doe drinks and smokes to his heart’s content. John Doe develops the usual diseases associated with such a lifestyle. Jane Doe on the other hand takes the advice and leads a healthy lifestyle. John becomes a burden to the already ineffective health care system. Jane Doe is not a burden. Why should Jane foot the bill for John?

  2. Blah, blah, blah blah…When election campaign starts that is when he will start doing some work to fool the masses…until then people must continue to die!

  3. I find it a bit flattering ! Hence the words of any good politican! Wellness is a road of bits a pieces left behind! Are our Administrators , skilled and equipped to assess the time and situations to step in and help repair? For every fallen individual needs that extra push when afrimed to strive for excellence! It would be most convenient to see the quick response of clearity of such skills!/√

  4. The people want a forward thinking government not one that ascribes blame to its predecessors for all the present problems in the country. The present administration should let its accomplishment and actions stand tall. What is needed is more action and less talk.

  5. Sir, forget about: what was left undone and what should have been done, forget about the negatives, you knew all that before you became the PM. so move on! give us some of what you promisse us, we are waiting! Stop your crying, big boys don’t cry! we need to get our medical treatment here in our country! we need proper health facilities. where is the lab. you promise to reopen; the Police are waiting for it! time is running out on certain investigation because there is not enough evidence! article read; opinion expressed!

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