PM says economy doing ‘extremely well’

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Prime Minister, Allen Chastenet, has told reporters here that the local economy is doing extremely well.

However, just after making the assertion, Chastanet said:

“I want to really phrase that because I know some people will run out and say ‘Oh, the prime minister has said the economy is doing well and everybody is doing well.’ That’s not what I am saying.”

“I am saying that the economy continues to show good signs of recovery,” Chastanet told reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

He disclosed that revenues from taxation, especially Value Added Tax, are up significantly as compared to the past.

Chastanet declared that the lowering the VAT rate has now proved to be very prudent.

He explained that the government is collecting almost as much money with the 12.5 percent rate as with the previous 15 percent rate.

With regard to unemployment, he stated that the rate continues to fall with almost 1500  new jobs being developed in the information technology sector.

“We have several major projects being undertaken right now, Le Sport being the latest one, in which they are spending over $50 Million in the summer in  a major refurbishment,” Chastanet told reporters.

He said his administration is hoping to announce some other major hotel developments.



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  1. Another hotel development low paying jobs that can’t give you house,car and land or school books for your children it’s a sad shame and a disgrace that only hotels are being built in our piece of this rock what we really need is a revolution to drive them hoteliers out of st lucia

  2. If the economy I’d doing so well Chastanent, why do you have to borrow monies from the pensioners purse, NIC to meet bond payment obligations. That makes no sense. Something else is it only hotel developments that are considered valuable to our little country? Also, if you had stuck to the 15% vat your VAT collections would have been 2.5% more than it is today putting us in a better position. So please do not attempt to blind us with your lies. We are still an intelligent people.

  3. Sad to say but Mr. Chastanet thinks and acts exactly like those far right, conservative white extremists in the US. He believes in this trickle down economy. Hotels are not the panacea for all the country’s ills. That’s all he seems excited about. Meanwhile poverty, joblessness, the crime rate keep on growing exponentially. The government seems clueless as to solutions to reverse these trends. Enough is enough, the people yearn for relief.

  4. Maybe the economy is doing well for the owners of hotels but for the average lucian “things still hard”

  5. Allen, ignore the SLP goons responding here. All intelligent people know that you’re doing a great job.

    • Mike Oxsaw, have the meaning of intelligent changed since the truth is now what u want it to be? Well if u are gaining from the bullshit that is accepted for governance from your UWP party then I suppose you can say chastanent is doing a great job. But I dare u to go around the country to the poor, homeless, jobless and hopeless and ask them how has Chastanent elevated their standard of living from what it was before June 2016 election. And then u will see how much of a great job yall JACK OF AN ASS PRIME MINISTER Chastanent is doing.

  6. I always knew that those people who crucified Jesus Judas and all they all were citizens of saint Lucia that’s the only country in the world that can produce such people.. And it’s difficult to remove cornmeal out of flour ..SLP from UWP.

  7. I Don’t know if you are lying, but i have bee hearing this from all government that’s in power. (Work for the economists)

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