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Updated on June 5, 2020 11:29 pm
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Updated on June 5, 2020 11:29 pm

PM Says Fake Instagram Account Created In His Wife’s Name

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has disclosed that a fake Instagram account has been created in the name of his wife, Raquel Du Boulay-Chastanet.

“This account has been messaging persons about supporting causes and other financial opportunities,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

“The account on Instagram is @raquelduboulaychastaneet. You will notice that the surname has an extra “e” and that the impersonator has gone to great lengths to make the profile look authentic,” he observed.

“Again, I want to remind the public that at no point in time will my wife or any Government Minister message you directly via Facebook or Instagram to ask for your personal financial information or to make a donation towards a cause which cannot be verified,” Chastanet made clear.

“When following accounts of public figures, please ensure that you carry out some checks to ensure that the account is genuine,”the PM advised.

He said some of the things to look out for include:

1) Ensure that the spelling of the name and username is accurate

2) Whether there is a similar account using the same name

3) Most photos on impersonator accounts are posted without a caption

4) If you receive a message which involves you donating money or requests your financial details such as bank account and credit/debit card info this is a major red flag!

“Please continue to stay safe and remain vigilant,” the PM wrote.


  1. yes we will remain vigilant for u pm n not let our guard down…oh so these are the issues u proudly take time to address?? right now nic giving a different story from the promise money u made…..the $500-$1500…..we not letting our guard down for nxt year

    • Why are you remaining “vigilant” for the PM instead of for yourself? Why don’t you get off your fat a** and GO directly to the NIC for your money? Clearly, you are one of those people (sheeple) who have been enabled by politicians. Can’t do anything for, with, and by, yourself.

  2. NIC money does not belong to the Prime Minister or the government. It is the contributors money.

  3. To those who feel, this should not have been posted, and think it is for attention, and they should be addressing other issues. He has EVERY right too. And actually not alerting the public to it would be careless on his part.

    Fraudsters use these method to lure you into parting with your money. Note what he said about contacting people about financial opportunities.

    Fraudsters capitalize on situations like the pandemic right now to defraud you of your money. AND THERE has been an increase in COVID related fraudulent schemes.

    Right now, everybody is telling you about taking precautions to protect your health, but trust me, they should be a stronger drive to sensitize persons of the fraudsters who prey on persons right now. AND IT IS HAPPENING as we speak.

    Now, if you cannot understand what this article was trying to point out, then it probably shows that your might not be aware of these types of crimes. I hope you don’t fall victim to these fraudsters because sometimes their tactics are not so glaring.

    So here are some tips:

    Beware of suspicious emails asking for details.
    ALWAYS monitor your accounts.

    Yes the man had every right to post this.

  4. I am by no means into the whole red and yellow in st lucia but I see no wrong in the PM alerting the citizens of st lucia about this fake profile. I just think some people do not like Chastanet so much that even when he tries to do the right thing he still cannot win.

    • It is not a matter of people do not like Chastanet, it is that they don’t trust him with good reason. Big difference.

  5. Alerting the public to this type of issue is necessary; however, the prime minister has allowed himself to develop a reputation for being untrustworthy, hence the problem.

    It is like what happens with David, the neighbourhood thief, it does not matter who stole your mangoes from your backyard tree, the fingers will be pointed at David.

    The issue is a very serious one – but I used the analogy to make a point.

    • Trust what this demonstrates is that some of our people may not be aware of the many ways fraudsters operate. If they had understood this and the severity, their comments would not have been in this tone. No matter who this was coming from. This scheme of fake profiles, phishing emails etc is something that has been in existence for long.

      Fraudsters use pandemics, natural disasters etc to step up their game. The question is whether our financial institutions are doing all in their power to PROPERLY sensitize the public ESPECIALLY during these times?

      The truth is while world leaders are trying to keep their economies afloat and putting contingencies in place to ensure that the populace is safe (health wise), the fraudsters are stepping up their games too.

      So there will be increased fraudulent activities such as fake profiles that will be created. These fake profiles don’t have to be in the names of government officials or celebrities. The fraudsters even create ones in your family and friends names. I am sure people may know stories of people who have sent money to people who were pretending to be a relative or friend who was lost somewhere and needed money.

      So not matter if it a yellow, red or any color in between minister alerts you of a fake profile, take it seriously.

      Nobody should think that they can’t fall victim.

  6. I so agree with you, Andrew Magloire; yet still the prime minister controls what happens with it – smh!

  7. And for that matter, Magloire, our tax dollars and CIP monies do not bel9ng to the PM either, yet still he does what he wants with them – even refusing to respond to questions on the usr of these monies.

    • His wife is “special” as she is a public figure; this fake account WOULD attract certain people to it to donate money and/or services. This happens to most people: the ordinary, the celebrated, the financial figures, the monarchies …. people who have a public profile. So – that makes them “special”, including the PM’s wife. If YOU “@Jillian” was well known, and someone set up a fake account in your name … *why am I wasting my time on ignorant people like “Jillian” …

  8. Ned what does not trusting have to do with the man saying don’t give out money to people who create fake accounts, if within this he talk a crap I can understand but what you self trying to justify isn’t cutting it

  9. Vision
    The pm has a right to alert ppl of the fake account in his wife’s name the man is trying to do something good but those morons always have to go political st.lucia cannot get anything done without political affiliation smh what is wrong with those hacks they are so power hungry

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