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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

PM Says He has No Difficulties With the Media

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says the Saint Lucia media did their job.

He spoke Tuesday against the backdrop of the resignation of Doctor Ubaldus Raymond as a Senator and Public Service Minister, following the airing of at times salacious telephone conversations with a women who has a Trinidadian accent.

Asked by reporters whether the media played a role in the resignation, not only did the Saint Lucia Prime Minister assert that the media did their job, but he asserted that he has no difficulties with the local media.

But Chastanet recalled having said that the matter was not a simple one and required further investigation.

“When the story was first run, who the young lady was and what her connections were and all the other things that were involved  and implicated – nobody had investigated that. And I would just say to you, just be cautious sometimes and make sure that you do your due diligence,” he told reporters.

He said the public expects the media to do their due diligence ‘because everybody trusts you.’

Chastanet explained that the media have a very important role to play in the governance of a country.

“I support you.But I know that when I am wrong you are going to call me out and say I am wrong. But similarly, when I think that you are wrong I am going to  do the same thing,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister declared.


  1. He Allen say one thing in public but yet he and his administration calls management of the media house to complain.

  2. The not too bright PM is a narcissistic sociopath with a borderline personality disorder.

  3. Is that so Mr. PM?
    You means to say we have not observed the attitude of Ministers Fedee, Hippolyte and Rigobert when quizzed by the media, or even at a Caribbean Youth forum?

    It appears the new approach is to chide the media and the youth for not getting information from either parliamentary.pronouncements and or the FaceBook pages of yourself and your Ministers. You closed RSL; will only give interviews to “UWP friendly” media houses; attempt to close down media programs and houses that appear overly critical.of your administration…etc., etc.

    So of course…you have no.problem with the media (since our memories are as that of gnats…or so you and your cabal imagine… so enjoy it while it lasts).

  4. Oh no Mr. PM, i don’t believe you this time, because we know that the media and politicians don’t match!

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